Share & Win Your J1-Con Music Fest Raffle Tickets Today! $20 Worth of Value!


From now until May 31st, you will be able to win up to four raffle tickets just by sharing our videos!! At five dollars a ticket at the convention, that $20 worth of value!


To win your tickets just follow these two simple instructions.

  1. Post one of the two videos below on Reddit, Tumblr, Twitter or Facebook and be sure to include the hashtag #J1Con2015 in your post.
  2. Take a screenshot of your post and send it to 

If you use Facebook, your screenshot should look like this:

Example post


If you do NOT include the hashtag #J1Con2015 in your post, your submission will NOT count for a ticket, sorry :/.

So to win FOUR tickets, simply post one of the two videos below four times & include all four screenshots in your email to!

Yes, you can post different videos on different social media sites. You can also post the same video in four different facebook groups. As long as you send us an email with four screenshots of four different posts, your name will go on a list, and you will be able to claim your four free tickets at the raffle table at J1Con Music Fest, May 31st!

Here are the two videos you can share:

Shareable link:


Shareable link:

So hurry up and claim your tickets! We really appreciate your support!

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