Secrets Revealed!! Arrow S1 Ep22 Recap!!


Two scientists enter a lab and discover their fellow co-workers dead—killed by the Black Archer. Diggle and Felicity tells Oliver that his mother has been acting normal. She hasn’t contacted Malcolm. Oliver needs to know what Moira and Malcolm are planning. He decides to ask her, as himself. As he leaves, Laurel is there in his club. She questions him about his proclaimed love for her. She admits her feelings for him may still be there. Walter returns home but he doesn’t seem like himself. Moira is concerned when she learned of the murders at Unidac Industries. On the island, Oliver and Slade are betrayed by Yao Fei. Fyers orders an airliner toward the island intent on destroying it. At the lab, Thea and Roy spy on the police as they investigate the murders. At home, Oliver and Moira are attacked by Arrow and taken hostage. Thea visits the police station and finds out that the murdered scientists work for Merlyn Global. At a disclosed location, Diggle, in Oliver’s garb, interrogates Moira about the undertaking. Moira tells him everything about the earthquake device Malcolm plans to use to destroy the Glades. Satisfied with the info, Diggle sets Moira and Oliver loose.

Batman, eat your heart out!!

At the hideout, Oliver asks Felicity to pull up info on Unidac Industries. They learn that Malcolm killed the scientist to keep the police from tracing the device. At the Queen home, Malcolm pays a visit to Walter much to Moira dislike. Lance talks to Tommy about a phone call made from Unidac to Merlyn Global. Felicity attempts to hack into Merlyn Global’s mainframe with no success. Oliver decides to take her to the mainframe himself. Through their joint effort, Oliver and Felicity get to the mainframe. Oliver meets with Tommy while Felicity gets through to the mainframe. However, she becomes endanger when a security guard is heading to her location. Oliver makes his way to her but he runs into Malcolm instead and enters the elevator with him. Diggle urgently warns Felicity to get out. Luckily, he arrives just in time to save her. In the lobby, Oliver runs into Thea. She tells him about Roy wanting to find the Hood. Later, Felicity uses the data she gathered to find the location of the earthquake device. Oliver finally learns the truth behind his father’s request. Walter suspects his abduction was not a coincidence when he looked into Moira’s business with Malcolm and files for divorce. Lance learns that Felicity has also been tampering with Merlyn Global’s computer. Oliver arrives at Laurel’s place and discusses their relationship. Tommy watches from the street as his friend and ex-girlfriend rekindle their relationship. In the morning, Diggle calls with the location of the device. Oliver pays a visit to Malcolm while Diggle goes to one of Merlyn Global’s warehouses.

Arrow interrogates Malcolm at his office. Diggle contacts him about the device. It is gone. Malcolm discovered the Trojan virus Felicity planted and had taken measures to ensure that his plan succeeds. Arrow fires a shot at him but he catches it with ease. The two engage each other in a fierce fight that leaves Oliver knocked out and exposed by Malcolm.

Did not see this coming; Walter walks out on Moira?! Yup, he’s putting it together. Earlier in the season, he had found a book identical to her husband Robert Queen and questions Moira about it. He recalls how flustered she became and now wonders if his abduction was coincidental or that Moira knows more than she letting on and had something to do with it. If he only knew how right he is. Moira knew about Walter’s abduction and did nothing to ensure his rescue. She didn’t tell the police. She tried to have Malcolm assassinated but that went bust. Because of his strong suspicions, Walter cannot trust Moira. And who wants to be around someone they don’t trust? In the end, it took an outlaw to rescue him which had nothing to do with his wife who supposedly loves him. I can’t really blame the guy for dropping her.

Roy Harper is still on his hunt for the Hood and man, was I right. He wants to be like him. He wants to be able to protect the people he cares about—namely Thea. But she is now against the idea after her brother made it clear to stay away. If Roy only knew how close he was/is to find him. But who did he lose in his life that makes him want to like his idol? They had to be important if he willing to become Oliver’s “Robin”. Also, since he does live in the Glades, I wonder if Malcolm had something to with that person’s death—or worse Robert. What if Roy was connected to Rebecca somehow? So many possibilities.

Poor Tommy; he finds out his friend is a killer, then he finds out that his friend is still on love with his girlfriend, then he finds them together in his friend’s home and now he finds them together in her apartment in the beginning of long embrace under the sheets. If Tommy had a hard time trusting Oliver before then he for darn sure is going to find it impossible to do so now. Earlier, Oliver came to his office and basically told Tommy he should be with Laurel instead of him because of his “other life”. Tommy turned down the idea but he apparently reconsidered it hence his presence outside Laurel’s apartment building. Tommy’s heart is just ripped out. It diced up, sautéed, served back him on a rusty hub cap with a side of barb wire and boric acid. Not even all the king’s horses and all the king’s men can put this friendship back together again.

Felicity probably should’ve pulled out when Walter Steele was found but she decided to stay on. That decision might be reconsidered when Quentin Lance finds her. When that happens, his focus will be placed back on Oliver and his suspicion of him being the Hood. Worse yet, Felicity hasn’t shown she can be cool under fire. She may indirectly drop the bomb. That is, if Malcolm Merlyn doesn’t beat her to it. The CEO of Merlyn Global engages Arrow when he arrives at his office, beats him and pulls back the hood revealing Oliver. I don’t see Malcolm being that subtle in simply running to Quentin with this news. Malcolm likes—thrives—in breaking a person’s spirit. He would use Oliver as a scapegoat for the destruction of the Glades. Don’t forget; he can also shoot arrows and he wears a hood. Now that he has Oliver, this will make his plan all the sweeter.

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