SDCC Batman v Superman trailer is…WOW! Wonder Woman looks great! INFO INSIDE!

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This trailer is impressive!

Well the premise seems to be that Bruce Wayne was in Metropolis during Superman’s battle with Zod in ‘Man of Steel’, and one of the buildings that was destroyed happened to be a Wanye Enterprise building. Bruce is highly upset over the lives lost in the battle and takes it upon himself to hunt Supes down. Superman then has to appear in court for the battle because of so many deaths, which will somehow lead to some type of Superman military squad. I think they are the ones guarding his Fortress of Solitude, OR his jail cell, due to them finding him guilty.

Zod’s body is still around and available to the right (or wrong) person, which means they are going to use it somehow in the film as a plot point, and since they already hinted at Doomsday, why wouldn’t Lex Luthor use Zod’s DNA to make a “controllable” super alien to combat Superman? Did anyone stare at Lex’s hair? I wonder if prolonged exposure to Kryptonite will cause him to lose his hair, which he then can blame Superman for. The now Zod/Doomsday could go crazy and that’s where the rest of the Justice League arrive in time to help Batman and Superman. Eh?


So many nerds are crying over ‘Man of Steel’, saying that there is no way that Superman would cause so much destruction. WRONG! He was NEW to the scene. He’s a rookie. He is not the seasoned “S” you know of. That was his VERY FIRST BATTLE. Batman was around longer than he was. That destruction is going let him know how careful he has to be if he’s going to be a hero for the people. Ben Affleck is a perfect looking Bruce Wayne and an AWESOME looking Bats. I wonder if Joker might make an appearance. It would keep all the DC movies together by slipping Jared Leto in for a scene then, bringing Batman in to Suicide Squad, which has been already confirmed.

Side Note: Wonder Woman looks great! It’s not a sepia-toned costume either, dupes. All the ads had a different filter, and hers just happens to be sepia. If it was the grayscaled one would you have thought she would be in a black and grey costume?

Zack Snyder’s BATMAN V SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE is in theaters March 25, 2016.

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