Rock and a Hard Choice!! Revolution S2 Ep.18 Recap!!


Miles, Monroe, Charlie, Connor and Jason head to Austin to prevent the assassination of Texas President Carver.

Miles, Monroe, Charlie, Connor and Jason head to Austin to prevent the assassination of Texas President Carver.

Tom and Jason are still on the hunt for Monroe but Jason refuses to follow. Miles discusses the plan to stop the Patriots from taking Texas. Jason arrives with Connor in tow and offers to help Miles and Monroe. They reluctantly accept his offer despite Charlie’s protest. Elsewhere, Aaron and Pricilla are camping when Pricilla places her had in the camp fire and takes it out. It heals instantly. Charlie, Miles and Monroe arrive in Austin and enter a gun shop where they ask the owner about two people. The owner tells them they are upstairs. They search the room which is ladled with booby traps that Jason points out and discover that the Patriots are going to assassinate a man named Frank Blancher. The group heads to Blancher home where he immediately recognizes Monroe and Miles who warn about the assassination. Meanwhile, Jason discovers the assassin and nearly beats him to death. Charlie stops him. She, Connor and Jason detain him. The man tries to push Jason’s buttons but he doesn’t bite. In his office, Frank tells Miles and Monroe about other members of the Texas senate who have been recently killed. He agrees to help them take down the Patriots since he has a strong dislike of them as well. A couple moments after Frank leaves, Miles and Monroe hears him scream and rush to investigate. They find a woman repeatedly stabbing Frank before she kills herself. Texas Rangers burst into the room where they recognize Monroe. Monroe shoots the kerosene candle and uses the explosion to escape with Miles. They regroup with Charlie, Jason and Connor and Jason tells them that the cadets from the camp in Willoughby are targeting Texan President Carver. The group arrives at Austin’s Courthouse where a crowd has gathered to hear President Carver’s speech. They split up and search the crowd. Jason is found out by the gun shop owner who is a Patriot. She reads the number tattooed in his eye and gives him orders to assassinate Carver.

Jason Neville has grown tired of his father’s emotional constipation. The events that occurred while he was at the Patriot reeducation camp still haunt him and Tom shows no concern for Jason’s melancholy, sticking to his focus of killing Monroe to get Julia back. Jason raises a valid point. The Patriot’s may’ve already killed Julia but his bullheaded father refuses to listen to reason. So Jason makes a final stand against his father and walks away. It’s a shame that Tom is such a prick that he will even denounce his own son just to achieve his goals. He has done this time and time again and Jason has had enough. He ought to be praised as a saint for putting up with his insufferable parent. But it out of frying pan and into the fire as he seeks to pay the Patriots back for what they did to him by helping Miles and Monroe take them down. The gang is extremely wary of Jason since he has screwed them over numerous times before. But he does prove useful to Miles and Monroe as he is able to provide them with info about the Patriots tactics which includes telling about the booby traps placed about in a room and interrogating a captured Patriot with brutal finesse. That might have bumped him up the ladder a little. But he falls just as quickly as he was becoming interesting. While on the hunt for Patriot cadets, Jason is restrained by Patriots long enough for the number in his eye to be read. Charlie spots Jason heading toward a building and confronts him about the sniper rifle she finds. Because he is not in control of himself, Jason fights against Charlie which leads to her making an extremely difficult choice. She shoots Jason. Charlie had to make tough choices so far this season and this is perhaps the hardest one she has had to make. Charlie had a relationship with Jason and grew really close before the incident at the Tower. She still has feelings for him even though she was adamant about not trusting him when he offered to help deal with the Patriots. It took killing him for her to realize that. Charlie may be hurting now but wait until Tom finds out. Oh snap.

Miles and Monroe aren't on the same page, as always.

Miles and Monroe aren’t on the same page, as always.

Miles is still fighting with Monroe over how to deal with the brainwashed cadets the Willoughby Patriot camp. Monroe has no qualms about killing minors since he likely had his soldiers do the same deed when he had the Monroe Republic. Miles on the other hand, has an issue with teen violence. Monroe notices how soft Miles has gotten since he left the Republic, telling him that before Miles would not have given a second though about the decisions he made. But, yeah, Miles has been questioning himself a lot lately. Earlier, he would’ve jumped into taking down the Patriots but he has been really hesitant on this decision. The so-called U.S. soldiers are clearly not for the “land of the free”; they’re the American Nazis and Miles needs to see that. They will use anyone to achieve their goal of totalitarianism over the people of America even kids. While searching the crowd that has gathered to hear Texan President Carver give a speech, Miles’ act of kindness comes back to haunt him when he spots the cadet he let go before on stage a part of the graduating class of new Texas Rangers. With no other course of action, Miles takes the shot and kills the cadet. In that moment, he realized that Monroe was right. He had made a mistake in letting the kid go. Now Miles will start to see that they cannot be wishy-washy with the Patriots and that there are no innocents when it comes to war.

Aaron learns that he has not gotten rid of the nanotech and they are taking Pricilla for a joy ride. Because they are learning machines, they want to experience human emotions from compassion to passionate. Yup, Aaron made it with a robot (in a sense). This less than pleases Aaron but he is not sure what the nanotech will do and he will not take chances with Pricilla. For now the tiny robots are wearing Pricilla like a suit and enjoying themselves. Aaron, however, is not and he will find a way to remove them from Pricilla…somehow.

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