Rob Zombie dubstepped?!

Album cover

Rob Zombie is known for his creative vision be it in movies or music and what he creates usually ends up being a masterpiece. And this latest creation is no different. Rob has remixed songs before such as the Commodores’ “Brickhouse” and Ramones’ “Blitzering Bop”, both of which appear on the 2003 album “Past, Present, Future.” He has even remixed songs he performed while with White Zombie which led to the release of “Supersexy Swingin’ Sounds” in 1996. Those remixes were over the top, appealing to fans alike, metal or not. Enter “Mondo Sex Head”, his most fascinating remix yet.

Past songs from his solo career are collected and redone by various producers. Right of the bat, lead singer of “Korn” Jonathan Davis gives us an electrifying tech-metal version of the White Zombie classic “Thunder Kiss ’65” under the name “JDevil”. Thunder Kiss has one of the sexiest bass tracks I’ve ever heard. It has been taken and molded into a sleek and groovy sound that will harmonically assault your ears and leave you smiling. It simply kills.

“Foxy Foxy”, which appears on the 2006 album “Educated Horses”, is another track that is transformed into a sensual dance track that will get everyone bumping and grinding. It already could before but now I dare you to resist. The same goes for “Pu**y Liquor”, from “Past, Present, Future”, which has also been given a modern dance club tune-up. Both track were beautifully done by Ki: Theory. The Bloody Beetroots give the song “Burn”, found on “Hellbilly Deluxe 2”, a fiery dubstep remix.

Band members L to R: John 5 (guitar), Rob Zombie (lead vocals), Piggy D (bass), Ginger Fish (drums)

“Mondo Sex Head” will fit into the modern dance perfectly while still remaining heavy enough to keep metal fans interested. By the end of the day, it is the perfect party track for Hell, Vegas, or wherever the electric rave scene may be. It is a must have for metal fans and dance fans alike.

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