Revolution “Kashmir” recap!!

(WARNING: Spoilers ahead!)

Miles is being held captive by the Rebels because of his affiliation with the Monroe Republic where he negotiates with them to hand over Monroe. He informs them of Danny, his nephew, who is being held captive in Philadelphia. Miles leads the Rebels through a train tunnel that runs under Philadelphia (might be Regional Rail). It looks like the Underground Concourse is still in existence. The Rebels still do not trust Miles.

In a room somewhere in Monroe’s lair, Rachel has the Pendant and is building a device to amplify its effect. She demonstrates the pendant’s ability to Neville and another person.

Meanwhile, in the subway tunnel, the Rebels are in a predicament as Charlie has stepped in a field of land mines. Nora marks where the mines are with spray paint, allowing the party to pass by safely. She then tends to Charlie’s situation and soon discovers that this mine is a double trap. She takes care of the first mine but can do nothing about the hidden mine underneath. On Nora’s mark, Miles, Charlie and Nora run as the one mine that Charlie was on sets off a chain reaction that causes a cave in.

Safely pass the danger, the party moves on, being very wary of more that may lie in wait. Along the way, Miles spots someone but it turns out to a false alarm. Soon Nora is attacked by an alligator that also doesn’t exist. Aaron informs them that the cave in has sealed off the oxygen and what they were seeing were hallucinations. Miles leads them to the exit at the old Girard Station only to discover that the militia had sealed it sometime ago. Ironically, this is true right now as the old Girard Station on Spring Garden truly is sealed. I love how a lot of accuracy is being used in this show.

Miles soon has another hallucination; this time it is him inside Monroe’s office with Monroe entering a moment later. The fake Monroe asks him why he left the militia. He tells him that he was tired of the bloodshed. Charlie breaks him out of his trance and gives him a pep talk when she notices the great pressure building on his shoulders. With Miles back in the saddle, they move on. Aaron then begins to have a hallucination of his wife whom he left because he felt that he couldn’t protect her. The vision of his wife badgers him about his cowardice for leaving. He ignores the figment and presses onward.

Michael Harding as Colonel Starkey

Another exit is soon found where Wheatley turns out to be an undercover militia agent. He traps the Rebels in the tunnel and takes Miles captive to return him to Monroe. As he makes his way through the service tunnel, Wheatley reminds Miles of who he is. Through their combined efforts, the Rebels escape and follow Wheatley and Miles. Wheatley takes out another member of the party and takes a shot at Charlie but not before Charlie puts an arrow in his chest. Charlie falls and hits her head on the stairs, rendering her unconscious.

Charlie has a vision of her father and her home. This so real that Charlie is convinced by the vision of her father Ben to stay. However, back in reality, Miles tries desperately to wake Charlie. He has come so far with her because of her and intends to fulfill his promise to her. Charlie realizes that she is in a dream and she must leave though her father does not want her to. With one more plea, she awakens to the sound of Miles’ voice. The Rebel party waits until Charlie is recovered enough to move forward. They soon reach a door and open it.

Meanwhile, Monroe enters the room where Rachel is building the amplifier for the pendant. Neville’s ability to read people has tipped the militia leader off that leads to Monroe bringing another associate of Rachel’s, Dr. Jaffe (Conor O’Ferrell) to assess the amplifier, which is revealed to be a bomb. Betrayed, Monroe effectively ends his agreement with Rachel, insisting he will kill Danny and dispose of her. Rachel, like any mother protecting her child, does whatever it takes to save her son. She stabs Dr. Jaffe with a screwdriver, killing him. This act ensures that she and Danny will live since Monroe still needs her.

What was interesting about the “Kashmir” episode last night was that it took a detour from flashbacks of the blackout and focus more on the characters current situation. Last night’s episode of Revolution featured music from the legendary band Led Zeppelin. The song Kashmir played throughout Miles’ hallucination of Monroe; setting up for what will be an interesting showdown. Zeppelin’s music was integrated nicely into this episode without being cheap. Now if I can just an episode with Korn’s “Evolution”. Hmm?

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