Release date for Fullmetal Alchemist live film announced!!


That’s right!! The official website for the live-action adaption of Hiromu Arakawa’s popular Full Metal Alchemist manga has finally been given a release date. December 1, 2017 is the chosen date and with good reason. In Japan, movie hold a little something called “First Day” discount where they sell tickets for 1,100 yen, 700 yen less than the standard 1800 yen. The December 1st date was chosen to get the movie to the masses of fans who have been waiting with baited breath for the film. For promotion, the Fullmetal Alchemist website released a full photo of Alphonse Elrich, created with CGI which is a first for Japanese films. As confirmed, Ryosuke Yamada, member of the Japanese pop idol group Hey! Say! JUMP!, will portray Edward Elrich. Currently, there is no reveal of who will portray Alphonse, who was voiced in the anime series by Rie Yugimiya.