That’s right. As of today, two new combatants join the melee of wacky proportions.

Just a month ago, the first two DLC characters * Gravity Rush’s Kat and StarHawk’s Emmett * for Playstation All Stars Battle Royale dropped on PSN along with a new stage, making the game a lot more interesting and frustrating with Kat’s broken gameplay.

But will she remain peerless amongst the ranks of overpowered fighters in this game?

First up, there’s Isaac Clarke!

As expected of the many gun toting fighters in this game, Isaac is a problem at mid-range, with a wide variety of projectiles powered up by his unique Stasis and Kinesis powers. But don’t sleep on his close ranged skills either. He has a couple of good melee attacks and the short-range force gun, but what makes him a problem is his distance game, utilizing the grenade launcher, bouncing bola, and his Plasma Cutter. Enough to drive average joes insane with frustration.

And we have Zeus!!!!

Ya’ll better bow your heads like you know better!

Zeus is… well, Zeus! He’s a powerhouse in this game * of epic proportions. Power that is not to be taken lightly but I’m sure you don’t need me to tell you that. He doesn’t have much range, but he can charge darn near all of his attacks which can crush guard and build mad meter. But the best part about Zeus is that his lighting attacks can hit multiple opponents, making him very hard to gang up on!

Remember when I said that he may be more broken than Kat? Yeah. See what I mean?

Now both of them are about $4.99 each in PSN but they’re absolutely free if you have God Of War: Ascension. I’d recommend buying GOW: A, since that’s two awesome things in one.

Anyway, that about wraps this up. Pick up the new DLC tonight!

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