Predaking Transforms!! Transformers Prime Beast Hunters Ep.9 Recap!!

This series just keeps getting better. I suspected that something was mysterious about the Predacon back in Episode 6 when it started to investigate the Nemesis’ computer systems about itself. In tonight’s episode, the beast shows just how much intelligence it can display when is transforms into its protoform. Doing this, I expected it to be as savage as its beast form. Surprisingly, Predaking—as its new name—is rather gentle in a sense. He pledges his loyalty to Megatron and is very grateful for his existence. However, this newfound intelligence in Predaking worries Megatron. If he were to allow Predaking to lead the Predacon clones percolating in Shockwave’s lab, he might revolt against the Decepticons. Megatron plots the destruction of Project Predacon with Starscream, Knock Out and Shockwave, who thinks it is a logical choice, present. Starscream comes up with a plan to make a clean sweep of the project without alerting Predaking to their treachery. He suggests letting the Autobots do their work for them and in turn, either Predaking will destroy the Autobots or be destroyed himself by the Autobots. It’s a win/win across the board. Megatron is actually impressed with Starscream’s scheme. How long this appreciation lasts depends on how well Starscream proves himself.

The Autobots are still adjusting to Ultra Magnus’ brand of leadership. On Cybertron, he was a part of the Elite Guard where discipline was everything. Since his arrival, he has been drilling Team Prime the way he was back in the Elite Guard. This has not been going over well with everyone including Ratchet. Magnus soon realizes who much his authority is affecting the other team members when Optimus Prime returns and they are overjoyed at his return. Optimus gives Ultra Magnus some advice before Ratchet detects exposed energon. He orders Team Prime to investigate. They deal with the Decepticons who were excavating the energon then Optimus sends the Wreckers, joined by Smokescreen, to investigate the cave. Inside, the Wreckers split up. Ultra Magnus and Wheeljack stumble upon Shockwave’s laboratory and Shockwave. Apparently, Shockwave did not get Starscream’s memo about his plan being set in motion. Shockwave requests a ground bridge and escapes.

On the Nemesis, Starscream, giving his best performance, informs Megatron of the Autobots invasion of Shockwave’s lab. Megatron instructs Starscream to gather his armada. Predaking steps forward, offering to go instead. Without Predaking seeing, Starscream grins with delight as his plan comes together beautifully. In the lab, the cloned Predacons begins to awaken due the infusion of Synthetic Energon. With Ultra Magnus’ instruction, Wheeljack uses a bomb to destroy the lab and everything in it. as they escape the impending blast, they encounter the Predacon, now Predaking, in his protoform which surprises them both. The two battle the enraged Predakinga and appear to have the upper hand. If you recall the original series episode where the Autobots and Decepticons were running low on Cybertonium, the Decepticons had attacked the Dinobots while they were vulnerable in protoform mode. Same deal here with Wheeljack and Ultra Magnus tagging Predaking up with less effort. However, Predaking is nearly as durable in his protoform as he is in beast form. He overpowers Wheeljack and Ultra Magnus, whom he severely injures in the fight. Luckily, Optimus Prime flies in to the rescue, knocks down Predaking long enough to collect his fellow Autobots and take them to safety. At their base, Ultra Magnus learns the lesson that Optimus was trying to teach him. The members of Team Prime have become more than just warriors; they have become family.

But that harmony may be disrupted soon. Per Shockwave’s instructions, Megatron arrives at the lab following the fall out between Predaking and the Autobots. They discover something unique and interesting. The Synthetic Energon has had some sort of reaction with Cybertronian metal. Megatron looks on with interest. What could be going through the former gladiatorial champion of Kaon’s mind? One thing is definatley certain: whatever it is will not be good. Not for the Autobots. Not for the people of Earth.

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