Pokemon GO(es) to the dark side – Shadow Pokemon have arrived!!

After weeks of teasing and rumors, Team Rocket has finally made their appearance in the popular mobile game, Pokémon GO. Trouble becomes double when these miscreants bring along their Shadow Pokémon to aid them in battle. Team Rocket grunts appear in Pokémon Shops where players can challenge them. The shops where the grunts appear will be black instead of blue so they are easy to identify. Spin the Photo Disk at the shop and the grunt will appear. When the grunt is defeated, players will be able to capture their Shadow Pokémon. The Shadow Pokémon have a dark aura surrounding them and use their Frustration attack. Once captured, the Shadow Pokémon can be purified using Stardust and Candy, which will remove the dark aura and raise its stats. The purified Pokémon will gain a normal attack, replacing their Frustration attack.

However, the addition of Team Rocket and Shadow Pokémon are not the only good piece of news. Thanks to a collaboration with One Piece, there is a Pikachu wearing Monkey D. Luffy’s familiar straw hat. Niantic is also offering the straw hat for your trainer to wear through the in-game Style Shop. Straw Hat Pikachu will appear in the wild on July 29.