Philadelphia Flow Social Pictures! (Download Link Included)

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Philadelphia’s first Flow social event was an incredible night of music, dance, and loads of good people displaying their talents. Watching performers use poi, hoops, nunchucks, juggling pins, rope darts, staves, buugeng, fans and more, I learned that the world of flow arts is a vast universe of different styles and props. No two people swung the same prop the same way, and everyone was super nice!

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The venue, RUBA, made for an awesome space to hold the event. The beautifully decorated stage provided plenty of room for entire troupes of five or more to perform simultaneously, while the open floor below, or as I’m calling it, “the flow pit” allowed nine or ten people to practice their tricks all at once. At one point, standing in the center of the pit, I was literally surrounded by hula hoops and spinning lights, and it was totally mesmerizing.

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One of my favorite aspects of the event is that anyone could sign up for stage time in one of the several slots reserved just for attendees to perform. Whether you’ve been practicing for two years or two months, if you plan on attending the next flow social, don’t be afraid to bring your prop and sign up to perform!


Want to get involved in the flow arts community? Be sure to follow the South Philly Spin Coalition [SPinCo] page on facebook to stay updated with flow events happening in and around the Philadelphia area! Also visit to sign up for weekly flow classes and workshops.

Please enjoy the gallery of pictures we took from Saturdays flow social event!
Download link:
(It might be easier to view the pictures using the above google drive link if they are slow to load below)

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