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Samurai fans! Lime Rind is entrenched in battle against the Interstellar Space sheep’s top agent, Black Sheep Ninja.  Cold and Humorless, Black Sheep Ninja is a whirling smokey force to be reckoned with.  After a grueling back and forth between the fighters, Black Sheep Ninja exploited a moment of weakness in our hero and got her back against the wall, er, tree trunk.  Lime Rind, not one to be pwned by a sheep, used her cat reflexes to give Black Sheep Ninja a brutal claw slash across the face.  If you remember correctly, fair audience, it was a comment about her face that got Black Sheep Ninja all riled up in the first place.  And she doesn’t seem at all pleased about Lime Rind’s retaliation.  Will the Rogue Samurai still be able to win this fight??  What kind of a question is that?!  The kind that could be answered by reading the latest page of Lime Rind the Rogue Samurai!

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