Our very own Forrest Fire featured on OC Remix!!

“We’re a long ways from October, but I could see this being a great Halloween track – with the disquieting pauses between soft & loud and the unexpected textures at every turn, it’s rather like a haunted house itself. Great debut from Forrest Fire – looking forward to hearing more”

“….newcomer Forrest Shamlian rocks more than just a homophone, dealing some menacing, fx-laden dubstep with the mix title chanted hypnotically.”


These are things said about Forrest Shamlian one of members of the J1 Studios Sound Team. How exciting is it when the people who are known to many as the originators of remixed video game music give props to other talented artists? Check out more of what they say and what their fans say about the track: http://ocremix.org/remix/OCR02659/

Here is the song.

Download the album here: https://www.j1studios.com/free-stuff/remix-albums/