Once Upon a Time Season 6 Premiere Review!! No spoils, Dearie!!


All hail the Queen! Lana Parilla has double duty portraying Regina Mills and the Evil Queen.

All hail the Queen! Lana Parilla has double duty portraying Regina Mills and the Evil Queen.

It’s time to return to the magic! Once Upon a Time is back for more fantasy, magic, love and darkness. The Season 6 premiere already sets the tone for several key characters. The years of constant battle are beginning to weigh heavily on Emma who is now dealing PTSD from fighting monsters, sorcerers, and every other manner of darkness that has threatened her family and friends. As always, she shuts out the very people who love and want to help her. Since the second season, we have seen the walls around Emma Swan slowly come down with each new twist in her life and break further down when she found love in Captain Hook. However, when she became the Dark One in Season 4, the walls were rebuilt stronger than before and remain in place at this moment. Emma will be struggling with her personal demons and predestined fate. Her family and friends will struggle even harder trying to break through to Emma. Because of this, Emma and Hook’s relationship will be hitting rough seas along the way. Speaking of the war within, Regina is having a hard time coming to terms with the absence of her Evil Queen persona. She is having time to reflect on her past dark deeds and is looking to write a new story starring her, not the Evil Queen. Snow White/Mary Margaret has once again rubbed Regina with her goody-good powder and now Regina is having a better outlook on herself. However, she is still having major issues with her estranged sister Zelena (big surprise, there) due to the fact that she blames Zelena for Robin Hood’s death. If I had to choose between Regina and Zelena building a sisterly bond and Emma stop being a douche to the people that love her, I’d opt for the sisterly bond. Seriously, after five seasons you’d think that Emma would take, from others, the very help she has been offering to others. Perhaps she should take a lesson from Belle who looks to finally get that her husband is still the biggest jerk in Storybrooke. With help from Morpheus, the God of Dreams, she wakes up and heeds the god’s warning about Gold who is still manipulating Belle even though he supposedly loves her dearly. Belle realized just how much of the Beast remained in Rumplestiltskin last season and placed herself under a sleeping curse to keep her and their unborn child safe. But let’s not kid ourselves, Belle may be smart but she is still naïve and something will happen that has her running back to Rumple.

Once Upon S6_cinderella

Lastly, as you saw in the promo videos for this season, Once Upon a Time will tell the stories that haven’t been told such as Aladdin and Jasmine, Jekyll and Hyde and Cinderella. Yes, Cinderella is back. It has already been shown that Rumplestiltskin in a part of her story in some way but this was never fully explored. Along with Jekyll and Hyde, the series is also touching the stories written by Jules Verne and Alexandre Dumas, providing more material for the season. What will be interesting is how these Victorian period characters are going to fit with the denizens of the Enchanted Forest. It will definitely be a culture clash.

And all hail the Queen! The Evil Queen is back she wants to destroy all the happiness in Storybrooke, including that of her light half Regina Mills.

Once Upon a Time has been known it unique twist on classic tales and that tradition continues with a season that will again be full of adventure, drama, and uncertainties.