Once Upon A Time Season 2 Review-the story thus far!!

The second season of Once Upon A Time concluded with the curse being broken by “true love’s kiss”. Emma and the residents of Storybrooke, with their memories restored, target Regina for casting the curse on the Enchanted lands. Mr. Gold has succeeded in bringing magic to the real world. The first use of his restored magic to conjure a wraith to kill Regina. Emma and her parents—Snow White and Charming—save Regina from the wraith by sending it back to the Enchanted Forest through the Mad Hatter’s hat. However, the hat pulls Emma in along with Mary Margaret. In the fairy tale world, Emma and Mary Margaret discover they’re in a land unaffected by the curse. This sets up the theme for this season.

Mulan (Jamie Chung) and Sir Lancelot (Sinqua Walls)

David/Prince Charming searches for a way to return his wife and daughter home after the hat is damaged. In the Enchanted Forest, Emma learns much of where her mother came from and that the characters she has heard in stories are real. Their first encounter is with Sleeping Beauty—Princess Aurora and the fierce Chinese warrior Mulan, who accuse them of bringing the wraith and killing Aurora’s betrothed. In their quest to return home, Emma and Snow have a run-in with Ogres, meet Sir Lancelot, encounter Regina’s mother Cora and cross swords with the fearsome pirate Captain Hook, who has a very interesting backstory. “Once” is a very fascinating at reinventing these classic, familiar characters in ways that have not been done before. The Halloween themed episode played on the classic character Victor Frankenstein. This character was out of place in the Enchanted Forest yet he melded so well in this magical land. The same goes for Captain Hook and Mulan. Hook is not so out of place when it comes to magic; however, his back story does intertwine wonderfully with another fable character Rumplestiltskin. Not much is known about Mulan except that she is the fierce warrior of Chinese legend.

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