NEW visuals bring the past and present together!!


The upcoming “No game No Life” anime movie shifted focus from Sora and Shiro to new protagonists, Riku and Shuvi and a roster of similarly familiar-yet-different people from the backstory of volume 6. But now, the latest visuals to be released show that Sora and Shiro, better known jointly as “[ ]”, may make an appearance in the film. What their role will be is still under wraps. However, to see them in the movie will be a welcome sight. Additionally, the TV anime’s director Atsuko Ishizuka (Hanayamata, Prince of Stride: Alternative) is confirmed to helm the film as well. Satoshi Tasaki (Fairy Musketeers, RIDEBACK) newly serves as the character designer, replacing Kouji Ohya, for the TV anime.

No Game No Life: Zero is set for release in Japan on July 15!