New Sakura Wars game coming to the West in April!

Here there, gamers! Devildriver1313 here to bring you “On the NXT LVL” with this latest bit of gaming news.

Sega of America has revealed that the new Sakura Wars game will be shipping to the West on April 28 for PS4. The English subbed trailer has begun streaming on YouTube on Thursday.

The game originally launched December 12 in Japan under the name Shin Sakura Taishen (New Sakura Wars). The game takes place in a fictionalised version of the Taishō period in 1940, where the World Luxuriant Opera Federation fights against those who threaten peace around the world. Naval captain Seijuro Kamiyama is transferred to Tokyo, where he must lead the struggling Imperial Combat Revue through a worldwide tournament of Combat Revues and fight the demons once again.