NEW faces on Gotham Season 3!!


When we last left Gotham, a bus full of Hugo Strange’s experiments were set loose on the city, James Gordon has left to work on personal issues and there could be double trouble for Bruce Wayne. This season looks to push the envelope even further. It has been confirmed that Jerome, who could be the potential Joker, will return for another performance. Cameron Monaghan portrayed a fledgling Clown Prince of Crime so well that there was little doubt that he would return (Heck, it worked in the comics). Ivy Pepper, who has had more character development off screen than on, has been recast. “Ted 2” hottie Maggie Geha will portray the future biological villain as a young adult rather than a young teen. New faces rearing their heads this season will be Jervis Tetch aka Mad Hatter, played by “Walking Dead” alum Benedict Samuel, and the Calendar Man, who have been confirmed so far. It appears that the focus will off of Gordon and placed back on Bruce Wayne who will now have to contend with a doppelganger created by Hugo Strange, which has been done in the comics via an android. The power struggle between Fish Mooney and Penguin is gonna pick up where it left off with Fish seeking well-deserved revenge.

Gotham_S2 preview_joker



Gotham returns September 19!!