Netflix is adding X-Men, Wolverine anime to line up!!

What is up, J1 Fans! Now this is just too cool. Netflix has just added the X-Men and Wolverine anime to their every expanding list of Japanese cartoons. The series are a four-part collaboration between Madhouse Studios and Marvel that began with Iron Man in 2010, Blade in 2011. Wolverine premiered in January 2011 followed by X-Men in April 2011.

Netflix describes the X-Men series as:

The X-Men are reunited and summoned to Japan, where they confront the U-Men — a cult that steals and harvests mutant organs to strengthen their army.

Netflix describes Wolverine as:

Logan, aka mutant X-Man Wolverine, is on a quest to reclaim the love of his life — whose crime lord father is planning an arranged marriage for her.