• Music

This is where we debut new audio compositions developed by our J1 Studios Sound Team. Listen, enjoy, and leave us comments on this page.

Super Bounty J1 Music

This is all music used for the Super Bounty J1 Official Soundtrack.   HAVOK Composed by Ray Riley Syntax Through Cyberlaw [Titled by knytcrwlr] Composed by Ray Riley Concerto De Burattinata (Puppet Play Concert) [Titled by Wilbert Pierce] Composed by Ray Riley There will be more tracks coming soon!!!

Hero E.X. Music

Music from the Hero E.X. Soundtrack.     The Mechanized Assault Composed by Ray Riley Burning The Circuitry Composed by Ray Riley The Legend Composed by Ray Riley There will be more tracks coming soon!!!

Angel Savior Music

 This is music from the official Angel Savior Soundtrack.     Pay Me! (Clean Version) By Starving The Tsunami Devastation (What is given is taken away) Composed by Ray Riley Path of the Harbinger Composed by Ray Riley Under The Wings Of Angels Composed By Ray Riley More tracks to come!!

Lime Rind: The Rogue Samurai Music

Music inspired by and for Lime Rind: The Rogue Samurai   Battleground Composed by Forrest Shamlian   Wind And Fur Composed by Forrest Shamlian

Miscellaneous Music

Here are a few extra tracks for your enjoyment. This consists of singles from remix albums and any other tracks that the Sound Team uploads. Listen, enjoy, and comment on your favorite tracks. ________________________________________________________________________________________ Feng Fatale (Juri Han Theme Remix) Single from the upcoming Street Fighter album created by Shinigami (Ray Riley) and Edge (Artistik …