Mega Ran’s Latest Work

Hey Hip Hop Heads. whether you’re bored of your current music or not, check out some of Random aka Mega Ran’s new releases.

The first one is a single called “Who Killed Cupid?”, featuring the lyrical talent of Ariano, Jermiside and Random, the beat being produced by Random himself. You can download it for free from Ran’s Soundcloud page.

Next, released on February 12, 2013, is his latest album titled “Eternalism”

From his Bandcamp Page:
“Eternalism is a philosophical approach to the ontological nature of time, which takes the view that all points in time are equally “real”, as opposed to the presentist idea that only the present is real.”

Check it out:

In terms of his whereabouts, Random just finished up his latest tour with a show in Vegas at the Bunkhouse. The East Coast and Midwest tour will begin March 2. More details to come. I hope he hits Philly!

This cool new item can be found in the Merch Section of his Bandcamp Page:

And one last thing. If you’re a fan, and you like good deals on music, get on his mailing list! Random is very generous with his music around the holidays!

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