Light our Darkest Hour!! Revolution S1 Finale Recap!!


Note: The following recaps Episode 19 as well. Sorry I missed y’all.

Episode 19 picks up with Rachel unpins the grenade in Monroe’s tent, but one of Monroe’s bodyguards pushes him out of the way. Another militia soldier tackles Rachael and throws the grenade outside just in time. Aaron witnesses Rachel being led in chains, eliminating his chance to get into the Tower. Rachel is allowed access into the Tower, much to the astonishment of Randall. The group inside the Tower witnesses Monroe’s entry as the leader, called Jenkins, orders his men to take their weapons to fight Monroe. Miles lands the helicopter four miles from the Tower (Jenkins is the same man who was the Tower’s commander and who took Randall’s order to activate the machine causing the blackout). On his groups hike to the entrance of the Tower, they run into Aaron. Aaron tells Miles that there is a way into the Tower, but they have to find a way around Monroe’s troops. Inside the Tower, Randall shows Monroe the control room, where the U.S. government’s satellites still have live feeds of the entire planet. According to Randall, the Tower has the capacity to do anything and is impervious to everything, including the Blackout. However, they first need to go to Level 12. Rachel is shocked when Randall reveals this, but Monroe and his troops enter the elevator, ready to witness the entirety of the Tower’s potential. Monroe and his group take the elevator to Level 12, but it stops at Level 11. Monroe’s men step out of the elevator, but an alarm sounds and Jenkins’s men, using superior coil gun weaponry, begin to take down Monroe’s men. Rachel runs for cover in a room that was a vice-presidential bunker, but Monroe follows and pins her, demanding to know who the attackers are. Outside, Tom Neville and Jason take out the Militia encampment’s power source with grenades. Aaron and Miles rush to open the doors of the Tower as Monroe’s men descend on them. However, only Miles, Charlie, Nora, and Aaron can get in, leaving Jason and Neville outside when the door shuts. The Militia captures Jason and Neville, but they manage to plot a revolt with the assistance of the local commanders they meet during interrogation. Rachael, Charlie, and Aaron are captured by the attackers and are led to a place where there are families. They grow their own food and live to protect the Tower, especially Level 12. Grace Beaumont and Jenkins burn Doctor Warren’s journal in order to prevent Rachel and Aaron from turning the lights back on. This is because there are two possible results of deactivating the nanites. It could turn the lights back on, or it could set the world on fire.

Last night, Bass reveals to Miles that everything he has ever done, has been for Miles, as he has always followed him to have his back, and that the war between themselves began when Miles attempted to kill him. Miles reveals to Bass that he could never kill him as he still considers him to be his brother, rescuing him from the new leadership of the Monroe Republic, headed by Tom Neville. Nora is shot in the abdomen while creating way for Rachel, Charlie and Aaron to reach Level 12, and subsequently dies in Miles’ arms. Aaron runs the shutdown command for the nanobots, reinstating power worldwide. The victory is short-lived, as Randall appears, and reveals he has been attempting to gain access to Level 12 for a long time, not to turn the power back on for everybody, but for the purpose of sending out missiles aimed at wiping out the leaders of Georgia and Philadelphia, in order to re-unite the former states into one entity. He then kills himself with a shot to the head, after calling himself a “Patriot”. As the power is re-instated, lightning begins to strike across the planet at a rapid, destructive rate, and the Georgian President orders tank and air strikes on Philadelphia. At the end of the episode, the cameras relocate to the USA Colony at Guantanamo Bay, where the President of the United States has presumably been hiding for the past 15 years, waiting for Flynn to do his job. He is told that Flynn has succeeded and it is time for him to go back home.

How can so much happen in one episode? Here’s how. Let’s start with Rachel. Since her son was killed, she has been on a mission to restore so the Georgia Federation can win their fight against the Monroe Republic and wipe Monroe of the face of the earth. She has basically shut out everyone including her daughter. Her focus, her desire has been on nothing other than ending Monroe for the murder of her son. Nothing, no one mattered. She refused to save another child’s life where anyone else would have. Aaron wanted to but Rachel hardened her heart. This is a big contrast from when she was reunited with her children before the midseason break. She was ecstatic, overjoyed to hold her son and daughter again. It seemed like they would finally be able to be a family. Now, she would even look at her daughter, the one person in the world who will love her no matter what and she totally shuts her out. Rachel’s ambitions get the best of her when Nora is injured when she sets off a trap laid out for Jenkins and his men. Charlie pleads with her mom to treat Nora’s injury. Rachel was still fixed on turning the power on. Needless to say that Charlie is stunned and in disbelief at how hardened her mom’s heart has become. Ultimately, the power is restored, but at what cost.

Since their encounter in the midseason finale, Miles has made it his personal mission to kill his former best friend Sebastian Monroe. With the power now in Monroe’s hands, he knew exactly what Monroe would do once he has tanks and helicopters. Monroe would steamroll the Rebels like a freeway. Contrariwise, Monroe has been on the hunt for Miles in search of answers of why he was betrayed by someone he trusted so much. This desire turned into obsession which turned him against those he thought he could trust. Tom Neville was loyal and he carried out his orders with little question. As was Captain Jeremy who wanted to celebrate with Monroe before he executed under suspicion of attempted assassination. But they were not Miles Matheson. They encounter each other again and finally fight it out after being washed out of the Tower. However, they are unable to finally do each other in. Monroe reveals to Miles that he did not expect that all he has done—building the Monroe Republic, becoming a militia general—to get out of hand. He also tells Miles that he never cared for the Monroe Republic, just Miles. Apparently, Monroe still sees him as his “brother”. Miles seemingly feels the same way. After Monroe is captured by his former army, Miles rescues him. He tells Monroe that they’re still “brothers” and that is why Miles couldn’t kill him. He even gives Monroe a sporting chance to escape but not before alerting the militia soldiers. Whether Miles truly saved him or sent him to his doom is not known to Monroe at the moment. Likely, he’s hoping for the former.

"Now I'm the HNIC"

Speaking of betrayal, Monroe witnesses the ultimate betrayal. His former general Tom Neville now commands his army. How the heck long has Tom been planning this? Since joining the Rebel-Georgia alliance, I had a feeling that Tom Neville had his own hidden agenda. It looks like he might be a tad upset about being booted out of the Monroe Republic militia. How does one settle that? He organizes a mutiny. When he and his son are captured last episode, Tom negotiates with the soldiers whom he is familiar with about Monroe’s current mental state. He manages to convince one of them after getting him to realize that Monroe will likely betray him at a moment’s notice. Tom wins the man over, but there is still an opposition—current Captain Rich. Neville seems to be willing to give Rich a chance to go back to his family. When everyone leaves, Tom kills him and makes it look like self-defense. Hmm, seems like Tom may be more tyrannical than Monroe.

In the last episode, Jason stood up for his father, suggesting that he would be a better leader than Monroe (which is a shocker). After all the crap Tom put his son through, you would think that Jason would just dime his father out and leave him high and dry. But no, he sticks by his dad’s side. This is odd considering that it wasn’t long ago that Jason declared his hatred towards his father straight to his face. Then again, this might stem from the round table of accusations he suffered from Episode 18 and Miles chased him like crazed fan. Tom tried to stop Miles to protect his son. Jason didn’t see how much his father really cares for him until he saw the look in his face after he shot Jim Hudson to save Miles. Maybe he realizes that it’s probably better to stand with his father than against him. Still, I don’t think Jason is in full cooperation. He knows and has seen how cruel his father can be. Jason’s old man can’t even promise him not to harm Charlie or Rachel. When they are locked out of the control room in Level 12 of the Tower, Tom Neville orders the door to be blown open and everyone inside killed including Charlie and Rachel. Though he couldn’t say it, seeing how quickly his father has become corrupt with power, Jason clearly feels disappointment inside. Honestly, I’m not seeing Jason staying by his dad’s side for long again.

Last week, the mysterious group in the Tower turns out to be people who were charged with protecting the facility. They have made a utopian like society for themselves. They grow their own food and filter their own water. I was looking forward to some Chernobyl Diaries stuff. The way Episode 17 ended suggested that something foreboding was coming but, yeah, I was a little disappointed that it turned out to be ordinary people with wicked cool guns that pack serious firepower. After seeing how they totally decimated Monroe’s men when they entered the Tower, I guess I felt a little better. Rachel, Aaron and Charlie are taken to the group whose leader named Jenkins knows Rachel. Jenkins isn’t too keen on the idea of turning the power back on. Neither is Grace who seems very acquainted with Aaron. According to her, there are two possibilities for deactivating the nanites. Power could be restored and everyone’s back to shopping on QVC or roast the Earth like a marshmallow in a brick oven. Bummer.

Since beginning their journey shortly after the series’ spring return, Rachel and Aaron had only one goal in mind—to get to the Tower and turn the power back on. Aaron saw turning the power on as a way to provide better care for people. Hospitals and clinics would be restored to aid the sick or injured. Rachel just wants to see Monroe turned to ash. But it appeared that neither of them will get their wish when Jenkins burns Doctor Warren’s book. Now here comes the big reveal. Grace shows Aaron a program that he recognizes and then he is told that his program was used for the Tower’s systems. Looks the big lug is useful after all. He proves his worth by finding a hole in his program that will allow them to deactivate the nanites. After reuniting with Miles and Charlie and making it to the control room, Aaron succeeds in turning off the nanites and restoring power to the world. Yay Aaron! However, while in an open field, Monroe watches as lightning violently dances across the sky, foretelling a possible bad omen. Perhaps both possibilities happened?

Randall Flynn pops up for one more round. He shows himself to Rachel and the others, and tells them that he expected someone to turn the power back on. He has successfully manipulated Monroe, Rachel, Grace and even Jenkins into doing exactly what he wanted. He didn’t do it for power or control. He was charged with an assignment by his employer. But for that person to come forward, he has to remove the competition. Randall enters a code to launch nuclear rockets at Atlanta and Philadelphia. He shoots the button to prevent anyone from stopping it and then takes his own life. Everyone watches helplessly as the missiles head for the Georgia federation and Monroe Republic capitals respectively. As for Flynn’s benefactor, he is the only person that has not been mentioned throughout the entire season. He waited for the moment to return to his position. He is the one who assigned Randall Flynn to this mission and Flynn has performed admirably. The question now is what will happen once the President of the United States of America, who has been hiding in Cuba for the last fifteen years, makes his return next season.

(Anyone notice the Transformers reference in the title? 🙂 )