Japanese Patent for new PlayStation 5 controller revealed!!

Looks like Sony is at it again, keeping their next gen console under tight security and releasing any info about it in bits and pieces. On November 18, the patent for the new controller went up on J-PlatPat website showing the new design.

As you can see from left the new controller on the left versus the PS4 on the right, the design difference between the two is very minimal. The PS5 controller is slightly larger and the underbelly has been flattened out, similar to the controller design for the PS3’s Dual Shock 3. The Light Bar has been removed and the shoulder buttons have also been altered. The touchpad is also slightly larger. This matches up to the description WIRED gave in their in-depth article about the new system from Sony Interactive Entertainment.

Now that the PlayStation 5 will be backwards compatible with the PlayStation 4, games such as Spider-Man, Horizon Zero Dawn and God of War will be playable on the new system. PlayStation 5 is scheduled for launch for the 2020 Holiday season.

Sources: Video Game Chronicle, Wired

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