“It” director looking to do live action Attack on Titan movie!!

Well, here we go again.

Andy Muschietti, director of “It”, revealed last year his interest in adapting Hajime Isayama’s Attack on Titan series. As of late, there has been no new information regarding the project; however, Muschietti did touch base on that and his plans for a live adaption of Macross/Robotech.

Muschietti plans to work on Attack on Titan first. He says, “I’m fascinated by Attack on Titan. It’s a story that I first saw the anime and then the manga… I find it fascinating. There’s a lot of themes there that attract me a lot, that I want to talk about. It’s also a fascinating horror adventure. There’s also all the elements of human drama. So I really want to do it.”

In July 2017, Andy Muschietti’s name was swirling around a movie adaption of Robotech. Muschietti grew up watching the anime and offers his thoughts on how the series impacted him. “Robotech was, growing up, incredibly impactful to me. We only had four channels growing up… so all the kids of my generation watched the same things. And Robotech — Macross turned Robotech, because it was filtered through Harmony Gold, and then it came to the world packaged like Robotech — was so revolutionary and so groundbreaking. It just completely, like, shattered my mind. It’s a story that’s still in my heart. And, you know, [it’s a film] that we’re developing also.”

Andy Muschietti explains his plans for both films in the two-minute video below.

As of now, there is no date on when these projects will begin. All we can do is wait.

Sources: Otaku USA