Is this the end? Revolution S2 Ep.6 Recap!!


Miles and Monroe clean up the blood from when Monroe shot Fry. They take Fry’s body and sink it in the river using cinder blocks. The Texas Rangers notice Fry is missing and go search for him. They arrive at the boat house where they find a spent shell casing and Fry’s body. Monroe’s plan seems to have worked as the Texas Rangers ride to Willoughby to exact revenge on the Patriots. After Charlie’s return home, Gene suspects something is wrong when Rachel and Charlie act seemingly nice. Elsewhere, Monroe frames the Texans for a Patriot killing. At the reprogramming facility, Neville and Allenford come under assault from the test subjects there. Neville fires back only to stop when he sees Jason among them. Back in Willoughby, Rachel expresses her displeasure in Miles working with Monroe again. Miles shows her the intel Monroe gathered. The Patriots and Texans, instead of fighting, learn of Monroe deception and arrest him. They ride into Willoughby with Monroe as their prisoner, much to Rachel and Miles surprise.

In a bar, Aaron speaks with a reporter who knew him when he was with Google. Monroe thinks back to the past, three years after the blackout when he was in a relationship. Neville and Allenford remain hidden from the brainwashed army. Allenford tells Neville about her husband involvement in the program and how he used her son in the program. Neville want to get Jason away from the facility but Allenford warns him that the only ending with result in one of their deaths. Miles and Charlie make plans to rescue Monroe but he in moved to the bank. Realizing that there is snitch, Miles questions Rachel who admits to selling Monroe out. Miles and Charlie are upset. Meanwhile, Neville confronts his son in mortal combat. Just as Jason is strangles his father, Allenford knocks him down. Monroe is granted a final request and asks for Miles. He tells him about Emma and the son they had together. Monroe asks that Miles take care of him. Miles tells Monroe that he knew about the child and hid him from Monroe when he was unstable. Monroe lashes out as Miles walks away. Monroe is taken to the courthouse where he will be executed by lethal injection. Rachel and Gene are there. Monroe gives Rachel one final apology before Gene administers the injection. A bell tolls the death of Sebastian Monroe.

Neville has Jason restrained but the drugs he was given has yet to wear off. Jason taunts his father and mentions something between Julia and General Reed. Neville punches him and tells him that he will not lose him. Gene sits down with Patriot Sargent Ken. Gene is the one who sold Monroe out, for he knew about the plan to pit Texas and the Patriots against each other. A wagon rides into town with a symbol on the side. Aaron holds up a comic with the same symbol he drew on it. The episode ends with Rachel digging up Monroe’s grave.

revolution_2-6_monroe-cagedIt all comes down to this. He has been branded war criminal. He has slaughtered countless lives. He rose to power through bloodshed. And now, Sebastian Monroe answers for his crimes. Following the incident at the Tower, Monroe has tried to escape from his past and what was left of the militia he once commanded. He has tried to redeem himself, to become something other than a butcher. He saved Charlie and tried to help his best friend Miles remove the Patriot’s foot hold on the town of Willoughby, Texas. But Monroe’s past catches up with him and his plan comes unraveled. He figured he could make amends one last time by helping Miles. Before Monroe became known as the tyrant of the Monroe Republic, he was a regular guy. Three years after the blackout, he and Miles found refuge in camp where Monroe had a girlfriend who was pregnant with his child. Short on supplies, Miles suggests they raid a neighboring camp. Monroe objects to the idea. This coincides with Miles’ objection to Monroe killing both Texas Ranger John Franklin Fry and a Patriot patrol soldier to jumpstart a war between the Rangers and the Patriots. While detained, Monroe reflects on this past. He asks for Miles as a final request granted to him. He still sees them as friends and brothers, and gives him a handshake. However, Miles is not too broken up over the impending execution of Monroe as he reveals that he knew about Monroe’s affair with Emma, who was once engaged to Miles, and the son they had together after Monroe confessed the same to him a moment prior. Miles also tells him that he kept Monroe’s son hidden from him for his own protection. Betrayed, Monroe lashes out, having lost the last and only person he has ever respected more than anyone. Miles walks away, satisfied that he has finally cut his ties from Monroe.

Charlie returned to Willoughby much to Miles and Gene’s delight but he mother Rachel still is distant, mainly because she brought the murderer of her husband and her son over for dinner. She expresses her disapproval of Monroe’s presence to Miles. Miles knows she out rightly objects to him working with Bass but he needs him if he going to expose the Patriots’ true intensions. Left with no recourse, she tips the Patriots off of Miles and Charlie’s plan to break Monroe out of jail. When confronted by Miles and Charlie, Rachel has no problem spilling the beans about selling Monroe out. She definitely cannot pass up an opportunity to end her son’s murderer for good, especially after she failed to do it herself at the Tower. This causes tension between her and Charlie (not that it ever went away) since Charlie is just starting to see some glimpse of good in Monroe. She lays it out for her mother, telling her that Monroe saved her life. Apparently, Rachel can careless about that since she stands with her father Gene Porter at Monroe’s execution. Even as Monroe shows her remorse for Danny’s death, she remains cold toward him. However, she is shown afterward digging up Monroe’s grave. Did she really give Monroe a lethal drug or a powerful sedative that made him appear dead? Perhaps she might feel sorry for the guy after all.

Like daughter, like father. Gene Porter has been in league with the Patriots without Rachel knowledge. He is the one who gave them Monroe in exchange for his daughter’s safety. It seemed little weird that the Patriots didn’t storm Gene’s home and arrest Rachel since she is wanted along with Monroe. The likely answer is that Gene had to have something to do with the Patriots turning a blind eye to Rachel. Contrariwise, I don’t see this partnership lasting long.

Tom Neville finally finds Jason only to learn that he has been subjected to a powerful session of mind altering. Though his son stares at him with crazed eyes, he knows that Jason is in there somewhere and he will do what he can to get him back. My guess is that he’ll make those responsible for Jason’s condition pay…with their lives.

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