Is this the end of the Wii U?

Due to dismal sales of the Wii U and looming competition, Nintendo makes the choice of lowering the price of its Wii U system to $299.99. The $50 price cut becomes effective September 20 with Nintendo’s Wii U Deluxe Set which will include The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Maker HD for a limited time. But they aren’t stopping there, the company has also unveiled their plans for a new handheld system dubbed the 2DS. What is the 2DS you ask? The new handheld will be able to play both 3DS and DSi games without the 3D stuff. When launched on October 12, the system will sell for $129–$40 less than the standard 3DS. The 2DS will lose the clamshell design of its predecessors for a slated look while retaining the dual touch screens and touch-screen controls. This is good news for parents will tight wallets.

The price cut comes after months of Nintendo sweeping the idea of lowering the system under the rug. The standard Wii U was being sold at a loss with the original price.

“Because from the very beginning we came up with a very aggressive price point, we do not think [a price cut] is a very easy option to take,” global president Satoru Iwata said in June.

The basic unit hasn’t been officially discontinued but Nintendo is leaning toward that option. It is still available in limited supply for its $299 price tag. Currently, Nintendo has not further announcement of the standard Wii U’s possible end. The system has had sales trouble since its launch back in November 2012. To date, Nintendo has said that as of June 30, consumers have only brought 160,000 units–a nearly 60% drop from the previous quarter.

Life of the system to date, 3.6 million units sold.

Hopefully, the price drop of the Wii U Deluxe Set will help solve this as Nintendo is standing firm with its claim of selling 9 million units by March of next year. At an asking price of $300, it is significantly less than the PS4 and Xbox One–at $399 and $499 respectively. Will this cut in the price tag work for Nintendo? Eh, who knows?

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