Introduction to Kree and Inhumans?! Maybe. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. S2 Ep.9 Recap!!



Coulson gathers his team for a mission to the temple hidden under Puerto Rico. Raina is pursued by HYDRA until she is rescued by SHIELD. Skye and May watch the news about Christian Ward’s murder-suicide. Bobbi Morse has a moment with Jemma about her feelings for Fitz. Coulson heads to the temple while May and Skye are sent to retrieve Raina. Coulson and Bobbi arrive in San Juan in search of the shaft to the underground city. On the Bus, Fitz decides to leave the lab to Simmons. Meanwhile, Raina tells Skye that she is able to hold the Diviner without being harmed and that Skye may be able to hold it as well. Raina then attempts to run away, warning HYDRA agents of her presence. The HYDRA agents are stuck by a van driven by May. Skye and Raina are picked up and may drives off. Agent 33 informs Daniel Whitehall of the situation. On the Bus, May informs Coulson about what Raina told Skye. Raina tells Skye the story of how she met her father. Coulson meets up with Fitz and Simmons about the shaft. Fitz sends his drones to investigate only to lose those moments later. Mac is then lowered into the shaft. Once on the bottom, he finds the drones, broken. Mac touches a symbol on the ground and collapses. Sensing something is wrong, Coulson orders that Mac is pulled up. Suddenly, Mac begins attacking everyone until Bobbi uses her batons to knock Mac. Unfortunately, he falls down the shaft. Meanwhile, the Bus is hijacked by a HYDRA team led by Ward. He takes Raina and Skye. Agent 33 informs Whitehall of Ward’s deception and orders the SHIELD plane shot down.


Alright fan boys and girls, get ready to rejoice. One word: Kree. Yes, just as previously predicted, the series is heading toward an Inhuman arc. While they were preparing to enter a shaft leading to the underground city, Simmons tells the story about beings of blue light falling from the sky and landing on Earth. This is why I love Easter eggs. The first reference to the Kree comes from the first season when Lady Sif pays a visit to Coulson and tells him that the Kree are one of many blue skinned species she has encountered. The second comes from Executive Producer Jeffery Bell who confirmed that the blue alien corpse used as the source of the GH-325 serum (seen in the episode “T.A.H.I.T.I.”) is a Kree. Now does this mean we’ll get to see familiar Kree such as Captain Mar-Vell or Shatterstar? Possibly but not likely. And let’s leave Blackbolt for the Marvel movies. However, one of the member of Coulson’s team is named Mac and he gained incredible strength and a blue tinge in his skin after he had entered the shaft to the underground city. There is a Kree known as Mac-Ronn who is a scientist. Coincidence? Could Mac have been a Kree hybrid who lost his memory and it was reawakened when he touched the symbols? With all the Easter eggs hidden by Joss Whedon, this possibility should not be ruled out.


The development of Skye’s role just keep going. She started out as a liability last season and had grown into a major player this season. As an active agent, it is a pleasure to see her being more involved with the action such as going toe-to-toe with Melinda May’s doppelganger and basically owning that fight! She was awesome! Yeah, Skye got a beat up at the end but she stayed with Agent 33 the whole way. Melinda May certainly has been showing Skye the way of the fist. Speaking of Skye, Raina suggested that she could possibly hold the Diviner as well. Skye doesn’t quite believe her yet she cannot deny Raina either. After all, Skye seems to have an immunity to the side effects of the GH-325 serum. The only acute reaction is that it rapidly healed her when she was shot by Ian Quinn. Can Skye truly hold the Diviner? Is she a Kree hybrid? Easter eggs, people. Easter eggs.

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