Interviews with Monster Girls review!!


Life at school can be hard. Whether its trying to make friends, adjusting to a new environment or dealing with everyday problems in general. It can be a bit more difficult if you happen to be a demi-human. That’s the situation for three students in the new anime “Interviews with Monster Girls.” While we know that having monster girls in school have led to fan service situations, that is not the case with this one. Interviews with Monster Girls is a slice of life anime that deals with real world problems that we can relate to. In the anime, normal humans and “demi-humans” have learned to coexist though there are those humans who feel anxious towards the arrangement. Biology teacher Tetsuo Takahashi is one of the humans who to increase relations between humans and demi-humans. He is fortunate to have three demi-humans, or “demis” as they liked to be called, in his class, spunky vampire Hikari Takanashi, the dullahan Kyoko Machi, and timid snow woman Yuki Kasekabe. Tetsuo talks with the girls to better understand them and how they deal with everyday life as a demi. He is very mindful of their different circumstances and helps them out. For instance, since she is always carrying her head around, Kyoko Machi longs to be held so on Hikari’s behest, it is arranged that Tetsuo spend the day with just Kyoko’s head while Hikari keeps watch over her body. Despite some mischievousness from Hikari who has fun with Kyoko’s body (i.e.-poking her breasts), Machi does enjoy herself in the end. Another is Tetsuo helping Yuki come out of her shell and exert herself a bit more. Together, they learn that Yuki gets cold feet (literally) when she is nervous or stressed out. Tetsuo helps her over come this. It is these types of moments that make Interviews with Monster Girls an enjoyable anime to watch. This is a gentle break from the “supernatural girl” stable that has been set by other anime such as Highschool DXD, Testament of Sister New Devil and Rosario+Vampire. Thought there is some fan service moments with math teacher Sakie Sato, but she is a succubus who is trying to keep a low profile and this is done solely for comedic purposes. It is fun watching her fumble around trying to avoid contact with the opposite sex so as to not accidentally arouse them due to her succubus nature. While she does have a large bust, any moments involving them and Sakie are purely comedic and should be taken as such. In short, Interviews with Monster Girls is an entertaining, wholesome anime that is sweet and charming with easily relatable characters and heartwarming moments that will make you feel closer to the demi girls and their everyday lives.