Insomniac Games has a special gift for Spider-Man fans!!

Having fun customizing Spider-Man in his cool outfits? Well, Insomniac games has a special gift for you. Today, you can put Peter Parker in the same outfit worn by Tobey McGuire in the Sam Raimi “Spider-Man” trilogy and it’s completely FREE. This outfit was highly requested by fans who wanted to see it in the game. However, there has been debate on whether the suit would appear in the game. Fans were hoping to see it as part of the downloadable content released for the City that Never Sleeps DLC. When the suit did not appear, fans were outraged and let Insomniac have it, especially after revealing the Spider-Man: Into the Spider Verse suit. One fan wrote on Twitter, “Come on, Insomniac. You said you were listening.” Insomniac responded with, “Listening does not mean we always do what people tell to do.”

The banter went back and forth with Insomniac supporters pushing back, sparking a bitter fan feud. Things got nastier when Insomniac revealed what would be the last suits for the game. One fan commented harshly, regarding the suits as ‘trash’ to which Insomniac replied, “We don’t feel any of the suits we have released are ‘trash’ or anything close to it. All of them were selected by our team for reasons and had a lot of love and effort put into them.”

Thankfully, the release of the suit will quiet the fans and have them playing the game with bigger smiles.