Iconic Sega Arcade in Akihabara closes after 17 years!!

A bit of sad news for Japanese Gamers and Gamettes. After 17 years of operation, the iconic Sega Arcade in Japan’s Akihabara District is closing its doors. The arcade has become a fixture when it opened in 2003. It served as an entryway from Tokyo center city and hosted thousands upon thousands of anime signings over the years. The employees and fans gathered in the arcade’s final hours to give a tearful Sayōnara and an Arigatōgozaimashita for the memories.

Though, the news of Sega’s Arcade building closing is not all that bad. Three more arcades remain in Akihabara. This particular building is recognizable for its iconic staircase and for those crossing the Manseibashi Bridge and seeing their favorite characters staring back at them from the sides of the building. No matter where in the world it is, it is sad seeing an place where gamers can gather and enjoy their passion disappear.