Home and A Hostile Witness!! Is Joe Carroll making a comeback?! The Following Two-Hour episode Recap!!



Kyle and Daisy keep tabs on Max Hardy via the hidden cameras they placed in her apartment. Ryan and Max visit the house where Daisy and Kyle lived in Wisconsin after receiving a tip. Noticing mud on a pair of boots, they investigate outside until the come across a storm cellar filled with mannequins dressed in various outfits. Ryan and Max rush outside when they hear footsteps. They have Rachel, who has been dog sitting for Daisy and Kyle, to call them in order to find them. Kyle is quick to catch on to the rouse and threaten Ryan. Later, the couple and Mark attack and kill several firefighters in New York. The firehouse was once captained by Ryan’s brother Robert Hardy. Max is having a hard time with the attack on her father’s firehouse and the case itself. Mike Weston tries to console her. Report of the attack spreads quickly across the media. A search of the traffic camera catches Kyle and Daisy leaving the apartment they have been living at with Mark. FBI quickly descend on the building. Mark manages to leave unnoticed. Max, Mike and Ryan find blueprints taken from the firehouse. They determine that the next attack is at a local college. Max, Ryan and Mike arrive at the school and discover that a female student had been taken to the roof. Ryan shoots Kyle in the back when he tries to escape after stabbing Marisol. Ryan, putting the pieces together, figures out that the attack are not about Mark’s revenge but about Strauss.


Ryan visits Strauss at the prison when he learns that Kyle and Daisy are his followers. Mark is finally starting to realize that Kyle and Daisy are not with him. He follows them to a parking garage where they meet up with Julianna who has them target the FBI directly. Meanwhile, Ryan is at Strauss’ trial hearing. When it comes time for Carrie Cooke to take the stand, she is unable to be found. Ryan, Max and Mike arrive at the hotel where Carrie is being kept but she is not there. The van Daisy and Kyle were driving is soon afterward where it has been set on fire. Ryan, Max and Mike split up to search for Daisy and Kyle. Ryan finds Kyle near an abandoned warehouse. He shoots Kyle when he brandishes a knife. However, the judge dismisses the case and Strauss walks free. Back at FBI HQ, Mendez gives Ryan, Mike and Max one more chance to connect Daisy to Strauss. Elsewhere, Mark tracks down Julianna. Daisy finds Strauss where she attempts to kill him but Strauss stops her and makes her an offer. Strauss and Daisy head to the shipyard when Ryan, Mike and Max arrive after learning about the location from Julianna’s computer. Mark is also there and he attempts to kill everyone. Ryan fires back at Mark and goes after when he runs off. Max and Mike chase down Strauss and Daisy until Mike spots Mark boarding a ship and chases him down. He corners Mark and prepares to kill him but Ryan stops him. During this, Max is attacked by Daisy who escapes with Strauss.

Mark Gray is considered a dangerous fugitive by the FBI.

It’s about time. It was getting tiring watching Mark fumble and bumble around like a new born puppy and make so many mistakes. The only credit that can be given is that his ‘Luke’ personality got him to pull the wood from his eyes and see that he was being used by Daisy and Kyle who were working for Author Strauss who was their teacher. Yes, the charisma is coming back to the series. Strauss had planned everything out with getting Mark to send his message and making Ryan Hardy look like a fool on the stand at his trial. Everything that has happened so far has been about Strauss’ trial and how Ryan went above his duty as an FBI agent and used illegal means of putting Strauss in prison. Now out on a mistrial, Strauss looks to begin his own cult that he promises will overshadow Joe Carroll.


Lies do eventually catch up to you in the end. As more secrets get exposed, the team of Ryan, Max and Mike begins to disintegrate. Ryan is trying to keep things under wraps with the probability of driving Gwen away if he continues to keep her in the dark. Mike and Max decide to release some pent up tension and have a quick romp around in Max’s apartment with Daisy and Kyle watching. Max regrets the act but she’ll regret it a whole lot more when she finds out that her boyfriend Tom found Daisy’s laptop when the FBI raids Mark’s safe house. Mike believes that there is a chance for them to get back together but that is not likely since he left her at the docks to pursue Mark and Max is nearly beaten to death by Daisy. Obviously, this pisses Ryan off and he lashes out at Mike and Mike reminds Ryan of his vendetta against Joe Carroll. Oh, speaking of Joey-boy, Ryan decides to pay him a visit in prison in order to have him help find Strauss. *Sigh* With Joe Carroll back in the picture and Author Strauss ready to show what made him such a good teacher, we can get back to the disturbance that made the Following so…intriguing to watch.

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