Holy Wars…Punishment Due!! The Following S2 Ep.11 Recap!!


Mike Weston (Shawn Ashore) and Ryan Hardy (Kevin Bacon) try to stop Lily Gray's men from rescuing her son Luke.

Mike Weston (Shawn Ashore) and Ryan Hardy (Kevin Bacon) try to stop Lily Gray’s men from rescuing her son Luke.

Joe shows his followers the way of killing for pleasure. Mike visits Ryan in the morning with a list of known cults who use blood sacrifices. A group of Korban followers storm a coffee shop and stab the establishment’s patrons. Mike and Ryan investigate the attack only to discover that there is no message with this one. After Robert questions Joe’s intensions, Emma tries to convince him to keep his belief in Joe. Meanwhile, Lily Gray arranges to have her son Luke removed from the hospital. Ryan and Mike learn of the rescue plan and rush to the hospital. A group dressed a hospital employees kill all the guards and staff upstairs and escort Luke to a rendezvous spot. Mike and Ryan search the hospital for them separately. Mike checks the identifications of hospital worker when he makes of one them as being a fake. He asks her about Lily Gray but she attacks him before she is shot by an FBI agent. Emma begins to have doubts about Joe until Joe is able to get her back on his side. Ryan searches the basement for Luke and finds him in a storage closet. However, the man hired to escort Luke aims a gun at Ryan’s head. Ryan manages to overpower his captor. Luke escapes in the scuffle and Ryan loses him the market place crowd. Later, Luke reunites with his brother and mother at a motel. There, Mark receives a call from Mandy.

Upon my podium, as the
Know it all scholar
Down in my seat of judgement
Gavel’s bang, uphold the law
Up on my soapbox, a leader
Out to change the world
Down in my pulpit as the holier
Than-thou-could-be-messenger of God-” Holy Wars… the Punishment Due-Megadeth

Joe (James Purefoy) prepares for a modern day Holy War.

Joe (James Purefoy) prepares for a modern day Holy War.

Just when he thought he has it all together, Joe Carroll begins to lose some of his flock as they start to lose faith in him. Before, it seemed that the Korban followers and Joe were in unity. Now, there is a problem. Robert, who had been faithful toward Joe, questions his intentions. He tells him that there are several members who still believe in Micah. Joe might realize that fully converting the Korban cult will be more difficult than he first anticipated. But the big surprise is when Emma becomes unsure of Joe or the plan he has yet to reveal. Joe reads a passage from the bible after watching an evangelist tarnish him to his congregation. He’s looking to start a modern day Holy War. However, there could be a huge fork in the road. Lily Gray has conducted an attack on a coffee shop in similar fashion to the Korban cult’s attack at Carrie Cooke’s book signing. Yup, that rich little harlot is back. She organized the attack on the coffee and later at a local hospital in order to rescue her son Luke. Well, it goes off with a couple minor hinges but Luke is returned to her safe. With Lily back in the picture, expect there to be a personal vendetta between the warring clans. That’s right. It’s looking like we got ourselves a Lily Gray/Joe Carroll showdown. Joe has the advantage in numbers but Lily has resources. She can hire people to kiss her butt. Realizing that after losing Luke at the hospital, Mike and Ryan wonder how to deal with someone who has virtually unlimited resources. Like they say, money is the root of evil and Lily Gray is ready to blossom.

Ryan is starting to finally have a little light enter his life in the form of Carrie Cooke. He seems chipper since starting his relationship with her which doesn’t go unnoticed by Mike Weston. But let’s throw a big monkey wrench in that happiness. Despite warnings from the FBI, Claire Matthews arrives at Ryan’s home much to his surprise. And here’s where Ryan distrusts Mike for keeping the whole thing a secret just when they were starting to become chummy again. Ryan will be upset (highly) with Mike at first but he calm down and things will be okay—except he has new flame Carrie Cooke in one corner and old flame Claire Matthews in the other. Yep, this just keeps getting better and better.

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