Hell Hath No Fury!! Once Upon a Time S5 Ep.2 Recap!!


Once Upon S5-2_regina

The Storybrooke gang meets with King Arthur and Geneviere. When asked about Merlin, Arthur shows them that he is trapped within a willow tree. He tells them that Merlin’s prophecy calls for a savior to release him. To keep Emma safe, Regina steps up and says she is the savior when asked. King Arthur plans to hold a ball in the savior’s honor. She is given a necklace as a gift. Unknown to her, the necklace is enchanted and being used to spy on her. At the ball, Regina dances with a man who remembers her as the Evil Queen, who also gave her the necklace. He attempts to kill Regina until Robin stops him. David assists him, killing the man. However, Robin is gravely injured. Regina tries to save him but the sword is enchanted to kill her specifically. She begs Emma to save him. Emma agrees and succeeds. In Storybrooke, Emma tells Regina that an evil is coming their way, also stating the Regina is not a savior. They soon discover that King Arthur and his knights have also arrived in Storybrooke. David and Mary Margaret tell Arthur the truth about Emma and what happened to them. Arthur is upset at first but he soon relents. While the dwarves and the Merry Men search for more of Camelot’s citizens, a creature strikes and carries Robin Hood off. Elsewhere, Emma invites Hook to her home where he asks about what happened in Camelot. But Emma refuses to tell him. Regina and the others chase after the creature and confront it. Regina is injured and told to return to town. She visits Gold who is still in a coma and swears to him that she will prove that she can be a savior. From Belle, Regina learns that creature, called the Fury, must take Robin to the underworld when the full moon is at its zenith. She finds and offers her own soul in Robin’s stead. Not wanting to lose her, David, Mary Margaret and Arthur band together to help Regina which stops the Fury. Later. Emma is visited by Rumplestiltskin who tells her that in order to truly free herself from the light and fully embrace the dark, she must make Excalibur whole.

Once Upon S5-2_furies

The episode takes a stab at Greek mythology again. While in Camelot, Regina is attacked by a knight who remembers her as the Evil Queen. Robin stops the knight but he is gravely injured. Emma, per Regina’s plea, saves Robin and restores him to life. This act summons the Fury. The Furies, or Erinyes, are female chthonic deities of vengeance; they were sometimes referred to as “infernal goddesses”. They are tasked with collecting the souls of those who break on oath or evade death. The Furies have also been depicted in the divine comedy “Dante’s Inferno” and in modern pop culture as the main antagonists in the video game “God of War: Ascension”.

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Regina is still trying to prove that she can play nice with others even though there is doubt in herself and from others. Since season two, she has come a long way as a person, proving time and time again that she is capable of acts of kindness. This time she has to prove that she can become someone people can look up to, a savior. But her self-doubt is holding her back. Emma knows this since she was once the savior. Unlike Rumplestiltskin, she doesn’t thrive on the torment of others. Emma is more meticulous since she has a close relationship with everyone in town. She can strike at any time. Regina knows this. Which is why she must do whatever it takes to stop Emma and save her just as Emma has done for Regina many times before. The good thing is that Regina is not alone in this fight. David, Mary Margaret and even Leroy/Grumpy stood by her side when the Fury tried to take Robin, with Leroy commenting that Regina is the only one who can save the town. If the biggest doubter can give Regina a glimmer of hope, then perhaps they do have a fighting chance.

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