Heads up!! Bonk’s Adventure bashes into Time Warp Review!!

Time Warp Review

Prehistoric man learned that by creating various tools, life became easier to manage such as hunting and building homes. Oftentimes, man had to use his head. Literally. No this is not a Discovery Channel special. This is Time Warp Review and I, Devildriver1313, am bringing you a look back at gaming’s original headbanger, Bonk!


Developed by Red Company and Atlus, Bonk’s Adventure was the first game in the Bonk series that was released in 1989 in Japan and 1990 in North America for the TurboGrafx-16. It follows the story of Bonk, a cave boy with a huge noggin, whose mission is to rescue Princess Za (a small pink Pleisiosaur-type reptile) who has been kidnapped by the evil King Drool (a large, green, Tyrannosaurus-type dinosaur. Along the way, Bonk battle anthropomorphic (this means they can walk upright) dinosaurs wielding bone clubs and wearing the skulls of their fallen brethren. Bonk attacks his enemies with his big ol’ melon head which he uses with efficiency. He can bash them on the ground or attack from the air. Bonk can even display his acrobatic skills with a spinning attack that hit multiple times. A successful air strike sent Bonk back into the sky for another bash. With the right set up, this can be done in succession several times. Sorry Sonic, you were not the first in this department.

The first boss battle is pretty easy. Repeated spinning head bashes.

The first boss battle is pretty easy. Repeated spinning head bashes.

Bonk begins with three hearts which can be extended by finding rare blue hearts. Any lost health was recovered by eating fruits and vegetables found about in each stage. By consuming meat power-ups, Bonk can enter a stronger state. In his second state, he gains the ability to freeze enemies by performing a head slam into the ground from the air. Third state made Bonk temporarily invincible along with the second state’s ability. Over time, Bonk will revert back to his normal state. Eating a meat power up while in the second or third state granted invincibly again for a short time. Defeating an enemy yields points and also releases a small “smiley” power-up. Bonk’s smileys are totaled at the end of each stage after defeating the boss of that stage. The player is given additional points and a caveman type congratulation based on how many smileys were collected. And who doesn’t like smileys? The music of Bonk’s Adventure is poppy and energetic for the stages and dark and quick tempo for the boss battles. Graphically, the game is impressive on the TurboGrafix 16 game console, more so than the ports onto the NES and Gameboy. Hudson was developing a 3D version of Bonk’s Adventure for the Playstation 2 in 2003. However, the company’s closure has left this project in limbo. The game was rereleased on Playstation Network in its PC version and recently, Nintendo acquired it for release on their Virtual Console for the Wii U. As of July 14, 2016, Bonk is available in its TurboGrafix 16 form on the Wii U.

Bonk’s Adventure gameplay!