Guest Review: Invincible #101

Invincible # 101
Reviewed By Special Guest Rachaun Rogers.

Mark/Invincible’s world and the planet Earth have been turned
Completely upside down as per the events of issue 100 and now for the
Fallout. I want to start off by saying that I love this series. I love
that it exists almost as an anti-superhero/superhero sitcom book
criticizing the main stream portray of capes and tights that put band-
aids on bullet wounds. This issue opens up with a Thragg dressing down
the three most prominent Vultrimites from his invasion force and it’s
funny. It also adds a potential plot thread to the story that Kirkman
can and probably will elaborate on in the future. Cutting to the
revelation of last issue we see Mark and Eve discussing their future,
I’d like to take the time to thank Kirkman for creating a superhero
comic that has characters that actually grow and change. This book to
me is what the big two should be watching out for and what I myself as
a fan want to see from a story growth and story progression, not
constant resets. The reactions to Mark’s reappearance especially
Robot’s are true to the character, Bulletproof/Zandale impressed me
with his defense of Mark and his sympathy towards Eve. I enjoyed how
Kirkman made he (Bulletproof) and Invincible mirrors of each other
during his shouting match with Robot, reflecting his own past sins.
Ryan Ottley will never get any complaints from me in the art department
His style is one of the reasons I love the book his facial expressions and color
pallet work very well for establishing mood and tone. The end of the issue was anti
climactic so it kind of fell short for me but it wasn’t enough to drop the series. If you’re
already a fan pick this up it’s one more step in the ladder but it’s a fun ride as
always. I give this issue a 3 out of 5