Gotham Season 2 Premiere Recap!!



Alfred and Bruce discover a hidden room behind the fireplace. They find that the room is locked by security code. At GCPD, Jim Gordon is dismissed despite making a lawful arrest. Meanwhile, the man Gordon arrested releases an unknown chemical into the jail cell. Later, Jim visits Penguin, who is the new head of the mafia, and strikes a deal to remove Loeb from office. In return, Gordon must do a favor for Penguin which he readily refuses. He then visits Bruce Wayne to inform him of his position. After being given seemingly helpful advice, Jim follows through with Penguin’s request and collects the money that is owed to him. However, back at home, he keeps this deed secret from Leslie. Barbara calls him from Arkham and threatens Leslie. At his home, Commissioner Loeb encounters Penguin and Victor Zsasz who forces him to reinstate Jim Gordon as detective. Loeb reluctantly agrees to this, along with his resignation, in order to save his life. Following the ceremony at the GCPD where Loeb announces his resignation and then the succession of Sarah Essen to commissioner, Gordon and Essen learn that several inmates escaped from Arkham, Barbara included among them. It is revealed that Theo Galavan is responsible for their early release.


Right off the bat, Gotham gets into the thick of it. Picking up where they left off, Bruce and Alfred attempt to break into the secret room of Thomas Wayne. They soon use explosives to blow the door down. Inside, Bruce finds a letter his father had written preemptively. The scene alone is very reminiscent of the moment shared in Flashpoint where Barry Allen delivers a letter to Batman from his father Thomas who was Batman in an alternate reality. The war between Jim Gordon and Commissioner Loeb heats up. One month following their heated encounter in the season one finale, Loeb had bumped Gordon down to directing traffic. During that time, Bullock left the GCPD, quit drinking and now runs a bar, and is living the good civilian life. Jim stops a man wielding a sword which was just the push Loeb needed to remove the badge from Gordon’s possession. Gordon turns to Penguin for help yet again. Like seriously, how many favors can he owe the guy. Still, it is interesting to see how well they play off each other. Penguin and Gordon both compliment and disparage each other beautifully. Well, our first baddie has been revealed already. Theo Galavan is a billionaire industrialist who came to help Gotham make a better place. Or so he has everyone believe. He has his sister Tabitha Galavan break several inmates out of Arkham, Barbara Reed included. Theo may not sound familiar but DC fans will know Tabitha Galavan as the Golden Age Tigress. In the comic, she is the main villain of Zatanna Zatara. In Gotham, she is her brother’s enforcer. Escaped inmates, devious dealings, a father’s secret—Gotham is ready to hit the cylinders once again and bring us more heart pounding action and mind-blowing mystery!

Hey, does anyone else think Barbara might side with Jerome Valeska?