Godzilla roars back into Japanese theaters May 2018!!

The big “G” is back and ready to show why he is the ‘King of Monsters.” Godzilla: Decisive Battle-Mobile Breeder City is the second film in the three-part 3DCG series featuring Ishirō Honda’s iconic city-stomping monster. The second film follows the events of “Godzilla: Monster Planet”, where Haruo Sakaki was soundly defeated by Godzilla Earth, the nearly 1000 foot tall, seemingly immortal 20,000-year evolved form of the original Godzilla. He is found by Miana, a native girl who belongs to the “Futua” tribe, the descendents of humanity that were left behind on Earth during the initial evacuation. Meanwhile, the Bilusaludo Forces discover that the Futua may hold the key to turn the tide of battle. Godzilla: Decisive Battle – Mobile Breeder City hits theaters in Japan on May 18, 2018.