Gamechops: K.K. and Friends Review

From the Gamechops music label has come a video game remix album of legendary talent and sounds, and we are thankful that it has reached our ears! Two very skilled producers, Benjamin Briggs, and ectogemia worked hard on these 9 songs that have something for music fans of all kinds.


I’ve never played an animal crossing game, and I’ve never heard animal crossing music, so I didn’t know what to expect, but upon playing track 1, I got the idea!

Feel good music! These songs are for everyone! They’re SO catchy! The melodies are very interesting and fun to listen to, never repetitive, and the selection of sounds is phenomenal. The lovely blend of real instruments such as rhodes piano, organ, and guitar are mixed beautifully with atmospheric and energetic sounds like pitch bending chiptune lines, slowly morphing basses, and intricately crafted synth arpeggios. It all comes together to form a slowly evolving ambient high. Clearly there was some real passion for the game of Animal Crossing, as these songs go above and beyond any “remix” music that I’ve listened to in the past.
It was not an easy decision, but my three favorite pieces are:

Track 1 – “Bright and Early [ Wild World Main Theme ]” 
Because it sounds like a whole digital orchestra was assembled to create the ending of this cinematic tune.

Track 4. – “Rainy Day” 
The sound of rain on your window and a slow, comforting arrangement of nostalgic synths bring this piece to life in a way I could listen to for hours. I love how the rain clears up at the end.

Track 7. – “Ben Briggs – K.K. Cruisin”

A brilliantly jazzy beat that just begs for a talented rapper like MegaRan to rap over it… although the music is plenty catchy by itself.

And I must add that Chris Davidson’s mastering on the album is spot on. Every instrument is clear and defined enough to hear well on an old pair of $12 headphones. T’was the first observation I made.


So show these guys some love! Do your ears a favor:

Check out the whole album HERE

And check out the artists:

Ben Briggs  



Keep it up Gamechops crew!
P.S.. BONUS… Listen to this “lol”-inducing mashup of K.K. & friends x Space Jam!!

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