Flesh and Blood!! The Following S3 Ep.8 Recap!!



Nick Donovan investigates the disappearance of Tucker Moore. Ryan knows that Tucker was framed but Nick ignores Ryan. Joe Carroll is evaluated before he is put to death. Theo returns home to his wife who is growing increasingly suspicious of his long business trips. At his home, Theo attempt to dissolve his wife’s suspicion by telling her he wants another baby. His phone rings and Theo takes in another room. He opens his laptop and sees Ryan and Mike at the fake address he planted. Ryan and Mike find a suitcase with a picture of Theo. Investigating further, Ryan spots a camera and immediately picks up on a trap. The house explodes but Ryan and Mike survive by diving into a bathtub. Nick Donovan arrives on scene afterward and begins to believe Ryan may be correct. Max checks out the name Sam only to discover that that name is also fake and she investigates the person who vouched for him in order to get the job at Manitech. Ryan, Mendez and Mike head to the home of Eldon Rowe where they discover a body in the basement. Eldon arrives at his home and tries to escape before he is caught by Ryan. Eldon is interrogated where he reveals that Theo had a sensitive information about him which he threatened to expose if he didn’t get him the job and the USB drive he was handed. Max searches the USB and finds that the same ID code used to hack the FBI data base originated from Maryland. Mike, Ryan and Mendez fly to Theo Noble’s home where they find his wife dead and his children heavily drugged. The experience is too much for Mendez to handle and she leaves the FBI for good. Ryan is then contacted by Theo who promises to ruin his life.


So anyone else feel like they’re on a rollercoaster? Since the start, the third season has gone up and down. Last week’s was weak. Now we have the promise of something interesting happening next time. And this episode did get disturbing. Theo’s dark(er) side is slowly manifesting. He kills Tucker Moore, cuts his body up like a butcher and proceeds to shove the parts into a meat grinder. And we get to see a body with the top of his dome cut off. But the truly disturbing aspect of Theo Noble is how he built the perfect family life, fooling everyone including his wife and children. He played up the loving husband and devoted father really well. But that world came tumbling down as the FBI closed in on him. Now here’s where I love being right. Turns out Theo truly cared nothing for his “pseudo” family. To cover his tracks, he drugs his children and kills his wife. Now that’s disturbing. This seals the deal that Theo has even less regard for life than Joe Carroll. Joe would corrupt a child. Theo will have no problem killing one.

This job seems to be getting to everyone. Mendez calls it quits after finding out that a man is capable of nearly taking his own children’s lives. She was ready to take off before after Nick Donovan’s return but Ryan Hardy convinces her to stay. With Lily Grey and her twins running amok last season, she has finally had her back broken by this final straw. She advises Ryan to do the same. But Ryan just can’t let go. He tried walking away once but the power of Joe Carroll pulled him back in. His obsession with Joe has grown so much that he is starting to have visions of him. On the flip side, Joe Carroll, faced with death, pictures himself with Ryan planning a grand escape. It makes one wonder just how connected are they like Joe told Ryan before. Batman needs the Joker whether he wants to admit it or not. Without him, what meaning does his life truly have? We’ve gotta get these two together. As I’ve said, this was an interesting episode. Not a great episode. Just an interesting one.

Sidenote: Who else suspects that Ryan’s new girl Gwen is not who she claims to be? She keeps digging and digging to get him to pour his heart out which she may end up ripping out later. I’m starting to not feeling the love from Nurse Gwen. Be careful with this one, I hear she’s good with knives.

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