Finally! The first 2 pages of Lime Rind Issue 3 are here!



Samurai Fans.  You have waited.  You have tossed and turned in bed at night wondering what the heck has happened after the sudden twist end of Lime Rind the Rogue Samurai and The Divine Socks of Quirkiness. You may remember how on the advice of ever trendy artist, Daisy Shandelear, Lime Rind had quested up into the mountains and discovered the socks to give to her maladjusted poetry-splurting sister, Lulubell.

Lime Rind and her new friend Most Master Guardian had just returned home and delivered the gift when those DASTARDLY Interstellar Space sheep showed up from nowhere and abducted Lulubell!!  Lime Rind, Daisy, and Most Master all swore to seek out Lulubell and bring justice to the Space Sheep.  Now, here we are, at the precipice off which we dive into Issue 3, and all your questions will finally start to be answered.  Check it out here at J1studios.

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