Family Reunion!! Once Upon A Time Recap!!


Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. But what does hell hath for a father scorned? This was the theme of last night’s episode of “Once”. Wanting to find his long lost son, Mr. Gold leaves Storybrooke accompanied by Emma and Henry and heads to Manhattan where he believes Bae lives. If you recall last season, Gold/Rumplestiltskin lost his son after he fell into a portal and he has been searching for a way to find him ever since. They find Bae but he wants nothing to do with them, prompting a quick chase down the city street with Emma nabbing Bae. The big shocker for her is that Bae is her old boyfriend Neil, which makes him Henry’s father and Gold his grandfather. Talk about a mind blower. Emma demands to know if Bae/Neil knew about her and her true identity. Later, Bae explains about the night he met adult Pinocchio. To keep Emma safe, Bae left when she was arrested and charged with possession of stolen goods. Emma was not happy with being left to take the fall. Betrayed, Emma hands back the necklace he gave her and says that she will take him back to see his father. Bae refuses to go, asking Emma to tell Gold that she never found him.

Rumplestiltskin takes a wife.

Before he became the Dark One, Rumplestiltskin was a skittish man who didn’t put up much of a fight even when backed in a corner. Somehow, he managed to have a wife named Mila and she eventually began to recognize Rumplestiltskin as a coward. To prove himself to her, he joins in the battle against the Ogres. He finds a cage containing a young woman who claims to be a Seer, a person with “fourth sight”. She tells Rumplestiltskin his future about his son being born and his death on the battle field. At first he denounces her visions. That is until certain events occur that prompt him to return home to be with his son. However, Mila is less than happy to see him, stating that he should’ve died out there and now his son will grow up with a coward for a father. Recalling the first season, we all know what Rumplestiltskin went through in order to alleviate his fears. His actions ultimately separated him from his son. A mistake he has come to realize and regret for so long and now wants to make amends for.

Which brings us to Bae confronting his father; telling him the resentment he has for him and about the endless nightmares of his father letting him fall into the mystic pit that brought him to the real world. Gold pleads with his son to forgive him but Bae refuses. Though Bae/Neil refuses to reunite with his father, Henry does want to meet his father. Emma had told Henry that his father died in the line of duty as a fireman. Henry is upset at first with Emma for lying to him but, unlike Bae, he forgives her and wishes to speak with Neil despite the truth of his days as a thief. As Henry speaks to Neil, Gold looks on, hoping his son will not make the same mistake. Or worse, that he will not make a mistake that could drive Bae away for good.

The Seer sees all and tells all

Rumplestiltskin finds the Seer and gets her to tell him how to find his son. Everything that has happened with the curse and Storybrooke was all for him to get back with Bae. He takes her powers in order to see more of the future. The Seer warns Rumplestitskin that a boy will bring his son to him but this will also be the undoing of his chances of making amends with Bae. Rumplestiltskin declares he will kill the boy.

From behind the scenes, Hook, Cora and Regina continue to conspire against Rumplestiltskin. They search for the dagger that granted Rumplestiltskin his powers with the purpose of gaining control over him. However, bigger trouble may be brewing. Mendel has recorded Regina using magic and sent the video to someone.

Things just got more complicated with Gold remembering his declaration to kill the “boy”. But can he kill the only connection to his son? What’s to become of Storybrooke should Mendel expose the enchantment of its citizens. I smell another season ending cliffhanger in the works.

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