Family Feud!! Gotham S2 Ep.5 Recap!!



Penguin asks Theo Galavan for the return of his mother but Theo refuses and orders him to leave. Afterward, Tabitha opens a trunk revealing one of Wayne Enterprises member of the board. Barnes leads the GCPD on a bust of one of Penguin’s warehouses. Gordon informs him of a weapons dealer in downtown Gotham. Theo visits Gordon at the precinct. He tells him about his regret for killing Jerome. Theo then asks Gordon to endorse him for mayor. Penguin is given a job to burn down a list of buildings provided by Theo. Butch and Selina visit the Pike Brothers and tell them about the job. The GCPD raids yet another weapons warehouse. Word of the raid reaches the Pike Brothers along with the death of their third brother. They force their sister to fill the void and take her to the first building on the list. Bridget is talked through the operation and succeeds in stealing a knife and burning down the building. Selina visits Bridget who is making a suit for herself so she can help her brothers on their jobs. Selina is upset by this. Leaving the matter alone, she takes the knife to Penguin. Penguin has Butch bring a woman named Edwige who might know about the knife. She tells him the dark history behind the Wayne Family Crest. Penguin devises a plan to use Galavan’s loathing of the Wayne family against him. Elsewhere, Gordon and Bullock stake out a building owned by Wayne Enterprises after determining that the other five buildings that were burned down also belong to the Wayne family. They encounter a person dressed in a fire resistant outfit with a flame thrower. Bridget sets an officer on fire. She escapes with help from Selina. Sadly, the officer dies from his injuries which prompts Gordon to endorse Theo Galavan for mayor.

Well, it seems that the Wayne family isn’t so squeaky clean after all. Bruce Wayne discovering that his father Thomas had a secondary life was only the tip of the iceberg. Penguin is commissioned by Theo Galavan to retrieve a knife belonging to the Wayne Family. Curious about why Galavan would want to family crest, Penguin enlists the help of woman named Edwige who tells him the dark history of Gotham’s foundation. Apparently, the Wayne Family was very powerful above the other four ruling families in Gotham. A feud soon ensues and the Waynes edged the ancestors of Theo Galavan out of existence. Now Galavan wants revenge for the desecration of his family. He intends to slowly dismantle Wayne Enterprises piece by piece. It is likely that Thomas Wayne had preemptive suspicion of this, perhaps involving another member of one of the descendants of the other founding families. And one has to wonder just how much Alfred knows and how much more he is hiding. He is a trusted servant of Thomas Wayne so it is likely that Alfred has more knowledge about the Wayne Family history than he is letting off. Meanwhile, Penguin finally has a weapon to use against Theo Galavan that can hurt him, along with a plan to rescue his mother. The concern now is what happens with this centuries old blood feud comes to light.

As with the DC shows, there is always a new villain to introduce. The pyromaniac criminal Firefly is reinvented for Gotham. The Bug-man becomes Bug-girl, portrayed by Bridget Pike. At first, Bridget openly opposes her brothers who force her to join them on the job to burn down Wayne owned buildings. But after completing the job, Bridget begins to enjoy the rush of being in action which has Selina concerned for her friend. It looks like this butterfly is ready to spread her wings beautifully.

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