Does Mighty No. 9 live up the legend of Mega Man?!


Mighty No.9 is an action platform game created in the vein of Capcom’s successful Mega Man series, which makes sense since Heiji Inafune, who created the Blue Bomber, is behind its conception. Players takes control of Beck, an android who is the ninth in a set of combat robots called the Mighty Numbers. When the other eight robots run amuck due to a computer virus, it’s up to Beck, along with his partner Call, to put a stop to the mayhem. Let’s not kid ourselves, Mighty No.9 screams “Mega Man.” Beck can dash, shoot, and jump just as his predecessor Mega Man has done for more than twenty years. Not to mention that the partnership of “Beck” and “Call” is clearly taken from Mega Man’s partnership of “Rock” and “Roll” and that their creator is named Dr. White. Sound like somebody we know? Nevertheless, Mighty No.9 is just as enjoyable. The level designs are beautifully rendered, impeccably combining 2D movement with 3D backgrounds, similar to Mega Man X8 for the PS2. The levels are challenging enough to put your thumbs to work. Careful strategy is needed to take down Mighty No. 9’s rogue robots. But simply blasting away at them is not the only tactic. Beck can weaken robots with a few shots and then use his dash ability to absorb their Xel (pronounced cell) and assimilate it. This tactic used to defeat boss characters as well. Otherwise, the boss character will recover any lost strength. Another new feature is that Beck can grab ledges and pull himself up. There are moments where he must jump from ledge to ledge to traverse upward when a ladder us not available.

Mighty No.9 can be comparable to past Mega Man titles.

Mighty No.9 can be comparable to past Mega Man titles.

However, as mentioned before, Mighty No.9 is just as entertaining as Mega Man and nothing more. The gameplay is so derived from its predecessor that not much comes from it in the way of anything new. This is a Mega Man game with a fresh coat of paint, from the character designs to the stage levels to Beck’s abilities. Sure, some areas are challenging but once you get the hang of Beck’s Xcelerate ability, this becomes toned down and makes completing these areas a lot easier. On the flipside, new gamers, those who have been born in recent years, may find this to be a fun title to play. Mighty No. 9 is not a terrible game but it is not the best either. It does bring the old school into the now but this is what also holds Beck and company back.

Mighty No. 9 gets 3 out of 5.

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