Does Gotham have a good reputation?! Mid Season Recap!!


What an awesome fall season it has been. There are some really good sows on this year. As you know, I have been doing recaps for “Sleepy Hollow”, “Once Upon a Time” and “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” However, I can’t get to them all. Would I like to? Absolutely! But time says otherwise. Don’t fret. I’m bringing you a quick review of the shows I haven’t done. This is part one of my Fall Review! And I’m starting with the new DC Nation.

The main cast: (top row) Robin Lord Taylor as Oswald Cobblepot, Ben McKenzie as James Gordon, Carmen Bicondova as Selina Kyle, Donal Logue as Harvey Bullock. (Bottom row) David Mazouz as Bruce Wayne, Jada Pinkett Smith as Fish Mooney, Clare Foley as Ivy Pepper, Cory Michael Smith as Edward Nygma

Like a lot of Batman fans, when FOX announced that they were doing a series about Gotham we were expecting to see the Dark Knight as he starts out in his early days of crime fighting. But Gotham is actually focus on young Bruce Wayne and the people who influenced his life growing up after his parents are murdered. It seemed sketchy at first but from episode to winter finale Gotham failed to disappoint. Each episode is more amazing than the last and they just kept getting better. All the characters and their stories are told well and the script well written. Jada Pinkett Smith is simply divine as Fish Mooney. She portrays sexy, seductive and power beautifully. Ben McKenzie’s James Gordon and Donal Logue’s Harvey Bullock play off each other nicely with Gordon’s Boy Scout righteousness clashing with Bullock’s gruff cynicism. David Mazouz is coming into his own as young Bruce Wayne. The young master is just as sharp and perceptive as fans know him to be. But the break out star of the series is Oswald Cobblepot aka Penguin. Now I was one of those fans went “Huh, a skinny Penguin?!” I wasn’t sure about the character change but boy was I proven wrong. Robin Lord Taylor brings a Norman Bates vibe to his creepy interpretation of the soon-to-be mob boss. And he keeps getting better. Now I love skinny Penguin! I want more of him! Gotham has introduced familiar characters from the Batman Universe such as Copperhead, who tried to assassinate Selina Kyle and Dick Lovecraft, a reference to Bane’s Venom formula and District Attorney Harvey Dent. With the series currently in winter hiatus, we are left to wonder who will turn up in the second half. Following the incident with Lovecraft, James Gordon was assigned to Arkham Asylum. The big clue who we might see there is none other than Doctor Hugo Strange. Hey, it’s Arkham so he’s got to show up at some point. And I have a feeling that Harleen Quinzel will be referred to in some form, even if she is written in as having some connection to Strange. Gotham will continue to impress us fans and others alike with its incredible depth and exploration of Gotham City’s most famous characters.

On a personal note, there is something I want to happen. Please, please let Carol Kane hit someone in the face with a toaster! Ever since I saw her as Oswald’s mother I have wanted this to happen! Let something happen where Bullock has to question Kane and she plows him in the face with a toaster! That would be awesome!

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