Defenders Episode 3: Revelations Pt. 2 Chapter 3

The three gang members with the chains approach Guardian first, twirling and spinning their chains with skill and finesse. The one chain wielding gang member in a white shirt rushes toward Guardian and swing his chain at his head. Guardian ducks under the chain and quickly hops backward to avoid a low swipe; then he sidesteps the white shirt gang member’s downward slash. He swings his chain in two more downward slashes, both of which Guardian sidesteps, and follows up with an overhead swing and a low swipe which Guardian avoids with ease, ducking under the high attack and back-flipping over the low one.

Then the white shirt gang member begins swinging his chain in multiple downward slashes in rapid session while walking towards Guardian; however, Guardian dodges from side to side avoiding the swipes while stepping backward. Another chain wielding gang member wearing a black shirt with a skull on it approaches him from behind; then he rushes toward him and swings his chain. While dodging the furious swipes from the white shirt gang member, Guardian hears the black shirt member coming at him from behind and quickly dive rolls out of the way at the last second. He quickly stands up and instantly jumps to the side evading a swipe from the third gang member in a leather vest.

Then the three chain wielding gang members quickly converge on Guardian and they begin attacking him with the white shirt member going first. He swipes his chain at Guardian’s head; however, Guardian ducks under the swinging chain and dodges two more downward swipes. Then he hops backward to avoid a lateral swipe from the black shirt member aimed at his mid-section and quickly back flips high over a hard swipe from the leather vest gang member aimed at his back. Suddenly they start attacking him together, swinging, slashing, swiping, and spinning their chains furiously at him in an attempt to land a clean hit. But Guardian’s superior speed proves to be faster than a trio of chains as he ducks, dodges, parries, spins, and flips his way around, over, and under the barrage of swinging steel. The three gang members continue to swing and slash their chains and Guardian continues to dodge and parry as the remaining gang members look on.

“Alright, time to end this,” Guardian said while he continuously dodged the gang members’ attacks. He dodges the black shirt gang members’ downward swipe and counterattacks with a punch to his face causing him to stagger. The leather vest gang member tries to attack Guardian from behind but he is struck hard with a back-fist after Guardian avoids his attack. Then the white shirt gang member comes at him from the side but he, too, is fell by Guardian’s aerial roundhouse. The black shirt member, after recovering from Guardian’s punch, charges at him again spinning his chain as he let out a battle cry. He whips the chain Guardian but he sidesteps it, punches the black shirt member twice in his stomach, grabs him by his shirt and tosses him in the dumpster next to him. Suddenly the white shirt gang member swings his chain hard at Guardian, but he quickly dodges this and uppercuts his attacker. Immediately afterward, Guardian dodges a downward swipe from the leather vest gang member and two more afterward. He punches the leather vest gang member in his face as he was about to attack and then delivers a spinning roundhouse kick to the jaw of the white shirt member, knocking him to the ground. The leather vest member charges at Guardian; he twirls his chain and swings it hard at him. Guardian ducks down, avoiding the attack, and punches him in his mid-section; then he quickly stands up and knees him in his chest. Then Guardian picks him up and tosses him in the same dumpster that contains his friend, who slowly raises his head out of the dumpster only to be knocked back down by a hard straight punch from Guardian. The white shirt gang member stands up, wraps his chain around his hand and charges towards him yelling with his chain clad fist in the air. Guardian jumps in the air and hits him with a hard and painful spinning back kick that flips the white shirt member in the air and slams him hard on his back, rendering him unconscious.

“So, who’s next?” Guardian said sarcastically with a flamboyant gesture.

“It ain’t over yet, man. You still got us,” said the gang member in the yellow baseball hat and jacket. Then he and his friend wearing a red baseball hat and jacket take out a pair of large knives. The two men circle Guardian for a couple of moments and then they lunge at him pointing their weapons forward. The red hat and jacket member reaches Guardian first and thrusts his knife at him. Guardian instantly grabs his arm, stopping his attack. Then he knees him hard in his chest and delivers a hard elbow to the back of his neck, knocking him unconscious. Then Guardian quickly grabs hold of the yellow cap and jacket member as he trusts his knife forward and shoulder tosses him into the side of the dumpster containing his friends with a loud thud, knocking him out as well. “Well, that was easy,” Guardian said light-heartedly.

Guardian turns around from the dumpster and sees that one of the Spanish gang members, wearing a red bandanna and brown vest, was standing a few feet away from him. “It’s like I said before, man. You came to the wrong place,” he said. Then he reaches behind his back and brandishes a whip. While holding the handle, he lets the rest of the whip drop to the ground; afterward, he snaps it.

“So it looks like it’s just you and me. Where’s your compadre?” Guardian’s question was answered with the sound of a second whip crack coming from behind him. He looks behind him to see that the other Spanish gang member, wearing a pair of green pants and no shirt, was also holding a whip. “First chains, now whips. Only thing you guys are missin’ is a couple black hoods,” Guardian smirked.

Then the red bandanna member swings his whips over his head and quickly slashes it down. Guardian dodges the speedy strip of leather and quickly evades two more whip attacks. Suddenly the shirtless gang member slashes his whip downward at Guardian from the side. Guardian sees him and quickly leans back avoiding the whip and instantly ducks under a high whip attack from the red bandanna member. The Spanish duo then begin slashing and swiping their whips rapidly at the trench-coated hero. Guardian uses his speed and quick reaction to avoid their attacks. But whips prove to be faster than chains as Guardian is having a little more difficulty avoiding the fast moving leather. “Ha Ha Ha. That’s right, baby. Whip it, whip it, whip it good,” the blonde haired guy laughed excitedly, watching his friends take on Guardian. The two whip wielding gang members continue to snap their whips at Guardian, which he continues to dodge. The shirtless gang member stops attacking and runs toward the dumpster that is near them. He jumps on top of it while his friend kept Guardian occupied.

Guardian continues to evade the red bandanna member’s whip while completely unaware of his friend on top of the dumpster. Seeing his opportunity, the shirtless member leaps off the dumpster and kicks Guardian in the side of his face, causing him stagger. Then the red bandanna member snaps his whip and wraps it around Guardian’s ankle; then he yanks hard on his whip, pulling Guardian’s leg out from under him. The shirtless gang member attempts to stomp on Guardian’s chest but he rolls out of the way just as the shirtless member’s feet hit the ground. Guardian jumps to his feet and is quickly assaulted by the red bandanna gang member who goes into a series of spinning jump kicks. Guardian dodges from side to side avoiding the kicks while being forced back; then the red bandanna member starts throwing punches at him. He blocks the first two punches, dodges the third, and resumes blocking more punches. After launching a few more punches at Guardian, the red bandanna member quickly throws a roundhouse kick to his face. Guardian catches his foot just before it hit him; but before he could react, the speedy Spanish member immediately kicks him in his jaw with his other foot, causing Guardian to stagger and release his foot.

The shirtless member follows up with a kick to Guardian’s face and then his partner punches him rapidly in his chest and then strikes his face hard. Immediately, the two gang members thrust kick Guardian simultaneously in his chest and send him slamming in to the wall. He lands in a seated position and doesn’t appear to be moving.

“No,” Sarah said softly, saddened by Guardian’s defeat.

“Well, looks like that’s it for your hero,” said the blonde haired guy with satisfaction, “Good work boys.” The two Spanish gang members walk away from Guardian while they wrapped up their whips. As they walked away, the Spanish gang members didn’t notice Guardian lifting his head and revealing his glowing eyes. He slowly stands up and casts a piercing gaze at the Spanish gang members, who were still unaware that he was now standing up.

“Is that all you got?” Guardian said. He still expressed his flamboyant charisma but he was a bit more serious this time. The Spanish gang members instantly halt their walking and slowly turn around to see Guardian looming over them. They stare at him wide eyed in disbelief as he gazes at them sharply with glowing eyes. “Because if it is, then I’m not impressed. School girls can kick harder than that,” he said. Then he flashes a sly smirk. “Let’s have some fun.”

The men take out their whips again but before they can do anything, Guardian quickly disappears in a flash of lightning. “Where’d he go?” asked the red bandanna gang member as he and his friend looked around for any sign of Guardian. The alley stood silent for a couple moments. The two Spanish men search around for their adversary, slowly scanning across any possible hiding place. The shadows cast by the moonlight easily provided cover, especially considering their foe is dressed in black. They panned across these areas. Perhaps he’s behind the dumpster. Maybe a trash can. No. Unknown to them, the dark clothed hero was closer than they expected.

“He’s behind you!” shouted the blonde haired guy.

The Spanish men whipped around to see that Guardian was standing a few feet behind them. “How the heck did he do that?” the shirtless gang member asked surprisingly.

“I don’t know, Jose. And I don’t care. This chump is going down!” said the red bandanna gang member. Then he raises his whip and snaps it at Guardian, who disappears just before the whip strikes him and reappears a few inches to the right of where he was once standing. The red bandanna gang member cracks his whip quickly at Guardian twice more but he disappears and reappears just a few inches from his last position both times. He was about to use his whip again when he felt someone grab hold of it in mid-swing. The red bandanna member looked behind him to see who was holding his whip. To his amazement and disbelief, as well as his friend’s, he saw that it was Guardian. He lets go of the whip and grabs both men by their necks and lifts them off the ground. “Nighty-night, boys,” He said gazing at the men sharply. Then he charges his hands with lightning and shocks the two Spanish men briefly, rendering them unconscious. “Sweet dreams.” Guardian drops the unconscious men to either side of him.

The blonde haired man was becoming nervous as Guardian starts to walk toward him. He was still holding Sarah captive. “Argh, I had enough of this guy.” He looks toward his last line of defense. “Yo. Take care of him.”

“With pleasure,” the big muscle man grinned snidely.

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