Defenders Episode 3: Revelations Pt.2 Ch.8


They walk to the back of the arcade and Brandon goes over to the change machine in the corner and gets out five dollars in quarters. Sarah takes a pool stick off the wall while Brandon puts four quarters in the money slot on the table. He pushes the slot in and the balls roll into the table’s pit. “I’ll break,” Sarah said as she rubbed chalk on her pool stick. Brandon takes out the triangle from underneath the table and places the pool balls inside and arranges them. He removes the triangle and Sarah places the cue ball on the opposite side of the table; then she holds the pool stick and hits the cue ball into the other balls, breaking them apart and sinking two striped balls. “High ball,” Sarah said with a sly grin.

“Not bad. It’s still your shot,” Brandon said. Sarah walks around the table for a bit and sees a shot that she can take. She lines up the pool stick and hits the cue ball into the 13 ball, sinking it in the right corner pocket. She takes three more shots, sinking the 11 ball in the left side pocket, the 10 ball in the left corner pocket at the opposite end of the table, and the 9 and 14 balls in the top corner pockets in a combo shot while Brandon watched with a surprised expression on his face. “Eight ball, side pocket,” Sarah said as she carefully lined up her shot. Then she hits the cue ball into the eight ball and sinks it in the right side pocket.

“I don’t believe it; you sharked me,” Brandon said still surprised.

“When I said that ‘I’ve never really played pool before’, I meant that I haven’t played it here before,” Sarah said with a smile.

Brandon looked at Sarah and smiled. “Ok, you little sneak; I bet you can’t do that again,” he said, “This time I’m breaking.” He hands Sarah four quarters and she places them in the pool table’s money slot. She racks up the balls and removes the triangle; then Brandon breaks the pool balls and sinks two solid color balls. Brandon and Sarah spend the rest of the afternoon playing pool with the two alternating between wins until their last game in which both of them had cleared the table of all their balls and only the 8 ball remains and it is Sarah’s shot. She lines up her shot to bank the cue ball of the right bumper and sink the 8 ball in the left corner pocket. Sarah eyes her shot carefully for a moment and then she goes for it and sinks the 8 ball.

“Looks like I win, three to two,” Sarah said with a playful smile, “So what’s next?”

“How about dinner?” Brandon suggested.

“Ok.” Sarah agreed. They put the pool sticks back in the rack and walk out of the arcade.

While walking on Chestnut Street, Sarah suggests that they go to the Palace of Rock for dinner since she and Brandon share the same interest in music. Brandon agrees and they head for the Palace of Rock. They arrive at the rock and roll establishment a few minutes later and got in right away since Sarah knew a couple of people who work there. They sat at a table in the middle of the restaurant and waited to order their dinner. A couple moments later, the waitress comes over to Brandon and Sarah’s table. She was about their age with shoulder length bright red hair, green eyes and wearing a black skirt and T-shirt with the restaurant’s logo on the front of it. She had a gothic appearance wearing black eye-liner and lipstick, black finger nail polish and a chocker with a bat on it. “Hi, my name is Cassidy and I’ll be your waitress for this evening,” said the petite waitress in a pleasant voice, “Would you like anything to drink to start off with or do you want to order now?”

“Um, I don’t know; are you ready?” Brandon said.

“Yeah, I guess I’ll have a bacon cheeseburger with fried onions, mayo, ketchup and extra cheese, and a root beer,” Sarah said.

“Ok and for you?”

“I’ll take a mushroom cheeseburger with fried onions and ketchup and a coke.”

“Ok, your order will be ready in a few minutes,” Cassidy said with a pleasant smile and then she walked away from their table and went towards the kitchen. “Well it looks like this could be an expensive dinner,” Brandon said somewhat surprised at Sarah’s order.

“Hey I’m not one of those dainty little girls, you know.” smiled Sarah.

“That’s fine with me. There’s nothing wrong with cuttin’ loose for a bit,” Brandon said smiling. Then he stares at her deeply and Sarah looks back at him the same way. Soon their loving stares at each other were interrupted when Cassidy returned with their food. “Ok, here is your bacon cheeseburger and root beer,” she said as she handed Sarah her plate, “and here is your mushroom cheeseburger and your coke. Ok enjoy your meal and if your need anything else just let me know.”

“Alright, thank you,” Brandon said as Cassidy left their table. Then Brandon and Sarah ate their dinner with Aerosmith’s Dream On playing in the background.

After finishing their dinner, Brandon and Sarah decide to call it a night and they leave the Palace of Rock and head towards Sarah’s house in Old City. They arrive at her house about 15 minutes later. “Well I had really fun evening John,” said Sarah.

“So did I, Sarah,” Brandon said.

“I hope we can do this again sometime,” said Sarah smiling.

“How about tomorrow?” Brandon suggested, “Same time?”

“Sure, same time.”

Sarah stares at Brandon with loving eyes and Brandon responds by brushing his fingers on her cheek and gently pulling her close. He stares deep into her beautiful hazel eyes and then he kisses her; Sarah returns the favor by placing her hands over his shoulders and behind his head. They break their tender embrace and look at each other for a couple of moments; then Sarah walks up to her front door. “Goodnight, John,” she said softly.

“Goodnight, Sarah,” said Brandon, “So see you tomorrow.” Sarah nods her head in agreement and Brandon leaves after saying ‘goodnight’ to Sarah one more time. Sarah opens her front door and walks inside her house. Brandon walks down the street for about two blocks and finds a dark alley. Then he flies up into the air, changes into Guardian and begins his nightly patrol of the city. All seemed quiet in Philadelphia, with the exception of a couple of attempted muggings, robberies and car thefts. Once everything was calm in the city, Guardian flies back to his apartment and changes back into Brandon. After getting washed up, Brandon pulls out the sofa bed and lies down. He can’t stop thinking about Sarah and how quickly he’s falling for her; he never really gave the whole ‘love at first sight’ thing much thought but that does seem to be the case at this point. He continues to think about the future dates that he’s going to have with Sarah until he finally falls asleep.

Over the next few weeks Brandon and Sarah went out just about every day and the more they were together, the more their feelings toward each other grew. They were falling for each other more and more, and soon they developed a strong relationship between them. However, during that time Brandon was being watched closely during his nightly activities as Guardian. In another world ravaged by chaos, a shadowy figure enters the large throne room of a black castle that overlooked a fiery landscape. The person kneels before a wicked looking throne where their dark master sits. The master looks down at his subject.

“Report,” the dark master said with deep baritone voice.

“It is confirmed, sire. This is the one who defeated Akeem and his subordinate,” said the cloaked person.

“So he is one.”

“Yes, he displays the same abilities as her. In the city he protects, he is called Guardian.”

The dark master says nothing. He rises from his throne, crosses his arms behind his back and strolls to the nearby window with long slow strides. He looks out over the fiery landscape seemingly to lament. The cloaked person waits quietly until his master speaks again. “Guardian, so he is descendant of one of the four. He cannot be allowed to interfere with my endeavors.” The dark master looks over his shoulder armor towards a dark corner of the throne room where the light refuses to touch. “You will travel to his city and you will eliminate him,” he says.

Another shadowy person emerges from the dark void of the corner. “I will not fail you, my master,” the shadowy person says.

“You had better not,” said the dark master. “Now go.”

The shadowy person bows respectfully and melts back into the shadows.
The dark master turns his eyes back to the land he surveys and rules over. “I have failed once before to conquer Earth. I will not again. With time that I have taken, I have what I need to rule that world. Soon…the people of Earth will know my name and fear it. They will all hail Jaquio.” Jaquio scans the world he has conquered and smiles. Soon Earth will be his as well.

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