Defenders Episode 3: Revelations Pt. 1 Chapter 1

In the last episode of Defenders, Brandon was enjoying a nice day for himself. He ate lunch at his favorite place and met a girl who seemed interested in him. However his quiet time was short lived. A fire broke out at a high rise apartment building. Grabbing his lunch, Brandon hurried to a nearby rooftop and transformed into Guardian. He arrived at the scene where he was informed of people trapped inside the burning building. Guardian, despite the fire chief’s reluctance, rushed inside and saved the trapped tenants, including a nearly forgotten little girl. Guardian used a nearby tanker trailer and the Delaware River to extinguish the flames. But his day was just starting. Two bank robberies occur while he was at the Buckingham-Royals apartment building. Guardian takes off after the two sets of robbers. He introduces himself to the robbers in his own special way and stops them from escaping. With the robbers left behind for the police to take care of, Guardian flies back to Philadelphia. Unknown to the trench-coated hero, a mysterious figure watches him ominously. Who is this mystery person? Could he be friend or foe? One thing is for certain, whoever it is, Guardian will be ever cautious.

The sun begins to set as Guardian flies back to Philadelphia. Along the way he sees the overturned tractor trailer where he helped the driver out of it earlier. A road crew is trying to get the truck back up onto its wheels. Seeing that they’re having trouble with the semi, Guardian flies down and offers to lend a hand. “Need a hand?” he asks the crane operator.

“If you think you can get that thing to budge; then be my guest,” said the crane operator.

“All right,” said Guardian. He walks over to the truck and looks at it for a moment. “Hmm, I better start with the trailer since it’s the heaviest part.” He goes to the middle of the trailer. “The cab looks to be about 10 tons,” Guardian said while looking at the cab, then he looks back at the trailer, “and the trailer, I guess, is about 30 tons.” He takes a moment to think about how he’s going to lift the semi back to an upright position. “I’ll have to lift it evenly so that the trailer doesn’t buckle.” Guardian floats slowly into the air with the road crew watching. He stops about 20 feet above the truck. “Ok, let’s do this,” he said.

Guardian charges himself with lightning, channeling it through his body. He holds his arms out slightly in front of him with his hands aimed at the truck. Streams of lightning emit from his hands and adhere to the trailer. Guardian begins raising his arms up slowly. The road crew watches in amazement as the trailer begins to rise off of the ground. Keeping the trailer aloft a few feet from the road surface, Guardian uses his willpower to begin rotating the trailer upright. The trailer rotates slowly to its wheels with the road crew looking on in awe. Once the trailer’s wheels are facing the ground, Guardian sets it down gently. “Alright, I think you guys can take it from here,” he said as he stopped channeling lightning and lowered his arms.

“Wow that was amazing,” the crane operator said still awestruck, “Is it ok to touch it?”

“Yeah, it’s fine,” said Guardian.

“Thanks,” said the crane operator.

“Glad I could help,” Guardian said with a smile, “See ya.” He waves to the crane operator and the rest of the road crew and then flies off heading back toward Philadelphia.

After Guardian leaves, a thin construction worker with a goatee walks up next to the tall husky construction worker standing in front of the trailer and taps him on the arm. When the husky construction worker turns around and looks at him, the thin construction worker holds out his hand. With a huff and a slight grumble, the husky construction worker reaches in to his pocket and takes out some money. He hands twenty dollars to the thin construction worker who takes the money with a smile and puts it in his pocket. Then they join the rest of the road crew in removing the tractor trailer from the highway.

Nighttime descends on Philadelphia as the city becomes illuminated and several businesses begin to close their doors after a long day’s hard work. The city is still active as many people venture out to view the city under the night sky. The Palace of Rock has no trouble with business as night goers and tourists crowd the restaurant for an evening meal while being entertained by the establishment’s various choices of rock music. The Champions sports bar across the street has their fair share of business as well, as they cater to their customers with good food and drinks. The customers at the sports bar can enjoy an evening of dining and drinking while they watch their favorite game on the restaurant’s numerous television sets. Market Street is active with buses, cars and taxis that are transporting people to different parts of Center City and Old City. Brandon ventures out once again as himself, walking down Market Street and blending in with the night crowd. He stops in Pete’s Place for dinner and, ironically, the same girl who had served him earlier today was working. He walks over to the counter and waits to place his order.

She looks up at Brandon and instantly begins to blush. “Hi, can I help you?” she said slightly nervous in a soft voice.

Brandon smiles, “Well that depends, Sarah, if you’re actually going to give me my order or if I have to pry it from your hands.”

“I’m so sorry about that earlier. I don’t know what…” Sarah said sounding almost serious.

“Sarah, I was kidding,” said Brandon smiling.

Realizing that Brandon was only joking, Sarah’s face turned red with embarrassment and she starts laughing with her hands covering her face. Sarah takes her hands from her face after she realized Brandon said her name. “Wait a minute, how did you know my name?”

“Well I either have ESP or I’m psychic,” Brandon joked. “Or it could be that a little name tag told me.” Then he points to her shirt and Sarah looks down at her name tag. Then her and Brandon start laughing at the joke played on her.

“What would you like?” Sarah said still chuckling.

“I guess I’ll have the same order I had earlier,” Brandon said still grinning.

“Alright, it’ll be ready in a bit,” Sarah said smiling.

Brandon walked over to the table directly across from the counter and sat down. About ten minutes later Sarah walks over to Brandon’s table with his order. “Ok, here you go,” Sarah said as she placed his order on the table. Brandon reached in his pocket for his wallet. “Don’t worry about it; it’s on me. Besides we’re closing in a little bit anyway,” Sarah said kindly. Brandon takes his hand out of his pocket and starts eating his cheesesteak. Sarah turns and starts to walk back toward the counter when Brandon stops her, asking her to join him. Sarah looks at Brandon with a blushing face and says, “Uh no, I don’t think I should…”

“Come on, you’ve been on your feet all day,” Brandon coaxed politely.

“I don’t think…” Sarah said hesitantly, “You probably want to be alone.”

“You know, sitting by yourself can be lonely sometimes,” Brandon said with kind eyes; then he held out his hand and smiled pleasantly. “Please, just for a few minutes.”

“Ok, but just for a few minutes,” Sarah said sounding a little more relaxed. She steps back to the table, pulls out the chair and sits down.

Brandon takes a bite out of his cheesesteak and swallows it. “So how long have you been working here?”

“I’ve been here for about two years. I started when I was sixteen,” Sarah answered.

“Really, cool,” Brandon takes another bite, “So, tell me a little about yourself.”

“Well, um…I go to John Hancock High and I’m majoring in health so I can be a nurse…” Sarah’s face turn red from nervousness and she starts giggling, “Oh my god, this is so awkward.”

Brandon swallows a piece of his steak and says with a smile, “What? You never had someone ask you to sit with them and talk.”

“No, I haven’t,” said Sarah. Then she regains her composure and looks at Brandon with kind eyes and a pleasant smile, “So, tell me about yourself, um…”

Brandon stares back at Sarah with eyes of interest. “John,” he said using his father’s name.

“So what is it that you want to tell me about yourself?” Sarah said sweetly.

“Well, I go to Roosevelt High and my major is science.”

“What type of science? Biology, chemistry?” asked Sarah.

“Actually meteorology,” said Brandon, “I’m studying thunderstorms and tornadoes so I can perhaps chase them one day.”

“You mean like in that movie ‘Tornado Valley’.”

“Pretty much,” Brandon smiled.

“Wow, that’s really interesting.”

They stare at each other tenderly. “Um, would you like to go out sometime?” Brandon asks.

Startled by Brandon’s question, Sarah hesitates in answering for a moment, but finally she answers. “Um, sure. Yeah, that’ll be really nice.”

“You’re sure?” says Brandon with a smile.

“Yeah…yeah that’ll be great,” Sarah said slightly laughing, “Um…when do you want to go out?”

“How about tomorrow?” suggested Brandon.

“Ok, uh, after work; I get off at 6:00.”

“Fair enough,” Brandon said. Then he eats the rest of his cheesesteak and wipes his mouth. “Sarah, thank you for dinner, and for your company,” he says kindly.

“No problem,” Sarah said as she and Brandon got up from the table. Then Brandon pulls out his wallet and was about to pay for his meal again when Sarah stopped him. “No, it’s on me.”

“Are you sure?” Brandon asked still holding his wallet.

“Yeah, don’t worry about it,” Sarah waved it away.

“Ok,” Brandon said. Then he puts his wallet back in his pocket. “So, tomorrow at 6:00, right?”

“Yep, tomorrow at 6:00,” said Sarah.

Brandon steps backward toward the door while saying, “Ok, then I’ll see you tomorrow.” Sarah nods in agreement and Brandon turns around and walks out the door. After Brandon leaves, Sarah’s boss Pete tells her that it’s time to close up. Sarah goes behind the counter, takes out a rag and the squirt bottle and begins wiping off the tables.

Outside the building, Brandon walks down the alley next to Pete’s Place, looks around for a moment to see if anybody is in the area and then flies straight up into the air. Once he is high enough he charges himself with lightning and changes into Guardian. “Time for my nightly rounds,” he said. Then he flies up to the top of the Winchester office building and surveys the city, waiting for the chance to help someone in need.

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