Deception as a weapon!! The Following S2 Ep.3 Recap!!


Will the dramatic duo--Mike Weston (Shawn Ashmore) and Ryan Hardy (Kevin Bacon)-- reunite?

Will the dramatic duo–Mike Weston (Shawn Ashmore) and Ryan Hardy (Kevin Bacon)– reunite?

Weston and Ryan look at footage from the museum and identify the twins Luke and Mark. Agent Mendez knows about Ryan searching Carlos’ apartment. He is not arrested. Luke’s wound is patched up at Jazelle’s home. Emma calls and Carlos sets a lace to meet her. Ryan visits Gray at eh hospital where they discuss the followers of Joe Carroll. Later, Ryan returns home to find his door unlock. Weston is there and finds out that Hardy is still after Joe Carroll. Elsewhere, Emma meets Mark at the location Carlos provided. Her whereabouts do not go unnoticed by Mendez and the FBI. At the trailer park, Judy is still distraught that she couldn’t fix Joe. Joe decides it would be best if he left. Judy attempts to kill Joe with a gun only to discover that it is empty. Joe grabs Judy and chokes her until Mandy cries for him to release her. Mark and Emma talk about Joe being alive and that Roderick switched Joe’s DNA. Mark tries to convince Emma to go with him to meet the other followers which she eventually does. At the house where Emma is living, FBI agents storm the building, killing several followers and capturing one. Hardy is there to witness to raid. Mendez orders him to leave. Ryan goes to Lily’s house where he is turned away by FBI agents but Lily invites him up. He tells her that he has to leave for her safety. Emma is taken to Jazelle’s home where Luke tells her that Joe Carroll whereabouts were kept secret. Luke then kills Carlos. Meanwhile, Joe ties Judy up. He intends to kill her when Mandy picks up his knife and kills Judy instead of Joe as her mom begged her to do. At a gala hosted by Lily, Ryan has Weston show him footage from the subway attack. He notices that she did not get on the express train. He suspects her to be a follower and confronts her. She escapes, killing an agent in the process. Ryan chases her out onto the street and tracks her until he loses her in the crowd. Lily meets up with Luke who calls her mother. Mendez is upset that Lily got away meanwhile Mark, Jazelle and Emma move abandon the apartment. Joe and Mandy douse the home in gasoline and set it ablaze.

Wow, Ryan got totally fisted in this episode. He thought he had a thing going on with Lily. She seemed so nice and pretty. Then he learns that she was in on the whole subway attack. She had told Ryan that she was in a hurry to get somewhere. Ryan looks at the footage with Weston and sees Lily on the platform as she allowed the express train to roll by. Lily had Ryan wrapped around her finger. He was falling for her and they spent so much time together. Clearly, Lily’s job was to get Ryan into a false sense of security by developing a relationship with him before handing him over to Joe. Thankfully, Ryan sniffed her out before that happened. Wonder what’s going through Hardy’s head right now? Something along the lines of “Holy crap, it’s Molly all over again!” The events of that night still haunt Ryan as he was trying to find comfort in Lily. Too bad the poor dope poured his heart out to her. Lily now knows just how vulnerable Ryan is when it comes to Claire’s death. Now we know why twins Mark and Luke were so interested in getting to Ryan through Lily. It’s not only because she is on their side but she is also their (dramatic music) mother. Yes, it’s a family affair. Mom and twin sons play Ryan Hardy like the Pied Piper and lead him along with their sweet melody. Can’t wait to see how Ryan reacts to this. Hopefully, this prompts him to team up with Weston again and finally get some daggone help from the FBI which should be interesting since he made Mendez’s least favorite list.

Joe Carroll (James Purefoy) simply can't help himself when it comes to putting a knife in somebody

Joe Carroll (James Purefoy) simply can’t help himself when it comes to putting a knife in somebody

Joe’s followers are getting younger. For the past year he has been there, Mandy has been fascinated with Joe and his cult. No doubt he has influenced her with his intoxicating charisma. Though Mandy and Judy have been writing him fan letters while he was in prison, it was inevitable that one of them would be drawn to him like moth to the flame. Judy thought she could fix Joe. Oh how wrong she was. Well, it worked for year but Joe’s a narcissist. The only true pleasure he gets is from committing murder. And it is apparent that he has a sidekick in Mandy who kills her mother Judy though she saved her from Joe beforehand when he tried to kill Judy. If you been watching, most Carroll’s followers have t same thing in common—issues with their parents. His number one girl Emma had problems with her mom and killed her for it. Mandy might have gotten tired of her mother whoring herself out to make a quick buck. I can’t wait for these two to meet. With that said, I wonder what Luke and Mark’s deal is since the only issue they had was with their father. The same goes for Lily as well. What did her husband do to them to make them look towards Joe? I see this being a really big closet with some serious skeletons.

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