Death of Wolverine

Death of Wolverine -- exclusive imageHey there geeks and gals, it’s your friendly neighborhood comic geek Hector with some not so great news. After years of being the best in the Marvel Universe at what he does(despite what he does not being pretty) one of the biggest names on the company’s roster is on a schedule set to expire September 24th 2014.

That’s right folks James “Logan” Howlett known to most as Wolverine is set to star in a 3 month story arc that will end in a 4 issue mini-series that will see him dead. The story arc is set to begin this summer aptly named 3 months to die and will end with the 4 part Death of Wolverine which shall be released weekly through September. As with Death of Spiderman I will be covering this event so expect a full report come September 25th. Until then,stay geeky my friends.

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