Death by Roses: Ruby Rose vs Maka Albarn – Finale

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Ruby stood with Crescent Rose still in action position, waiting for her opponent to move. Her face is bruised and bloody for the blows delivered to her. She was never one for hand-to-hand combat and has a difficult time fighting human opponents. Worse, she is out of ammo and her aura is dangerously low, making her unable to use her Petal Burst. However, she also recalls something else.

“Maka!” Soul raged as he lunged for the young Huntress after seeing his meister being injured. “You’ll pay for that, you witch!”

Ruby quickly blocks Soul’s arm which he transformed into his scythe blade. She was fighting two opponents. She manages to push him back but the recently crowned Death Scythe lunges for her again, attacking her relentlessly. Ruby dances Crescent Rose around, staving off each of Soul’s strikes. Breaking a parry, Ruby swings her weapon high and drives it down. Forming his left arm into another scythe blade, Soul crosses both arm over head to block the attack. Just as Ruby presses her attack, her body is suddenly rocked by a powerful from Maka, who rushes in and buries her fist deep into her gut threatening to break her spine. With a heave, she slams Ruby hard on her back, forcing the air from her lungs. Maka holds Ruby down for a moment longer. She stands up once she is certain the red hooded girl is unconscious.

“Glad to see you’re okay,” Soul says as he changes his arm back to normal.

Maka looks at him over her shoulder and smiles. Suddenly, her body sways and begins to drop. Soul rushes over and catches her. He cradles her gently.

“Guess you’re not alright,” he says.

“Yeah, that last hit really stung,” Maka said. The Yellow dust round Ruby used fire electric shots which are used to damage machinery or incapacitate her opponents. Maka was shot with this dust before; however, the Black Blood armor provided protection form its effects. Without the armor, she felt the numbness and dizziness and intense pain of the dust. Luckily, Maka’s strong will allowed her to push through. She stands to her full height with Soul’s help. “We need to report back to Kid and my father,” she says.

“Looks like I got the light work,” Soul replies with his usual sarcasm while looking at Ruby who is still unconscious.


Death Weapon Meister Academy, or DWMA, is a special school that was built by the Shinigami-sama himself, Death. Death established the school to train meisters and their human weapon partners for the purpose of exterminating evil humans with dark souls that have the potential of becoming Kishins. After the defeat of the Kishin Asura, who was a former pupil of Lord Death as well as his first child, the new Shinigami, Lord Death’s second son Death the Kid, has established a peace treaty with the witches. In the Death Room, a special place where students can contact Death using mirrors or any reflective surface, Death the Kid is standing in front of the mirror Maka contacted him on. With him are his weapon partners Liz and Patty Thompson, and Spirit Albarn, Maka’s father and primary Death Scythe at DWMA.

“Hmm, interesting. And where is the Red Witch right now?” asked Death the Kid.

“Still out cold,” Maka replies. She and Soul had found a town not far from the forest where they found Ruby Rose. Laying Ruby on Soul’s motorcycle, they walked to the town and Maka found a mirror which she used to contact Death the Kid and her father, Spirit Albarn, to give their report about the dark wolves and Ruby Rose.

“And you said she was trying to find her friends?” Spirit asked.

“Yeah, she kept whining about it the whole time,” replies Soul.

“Perhaps her friends are also Rogue Witches,” says Kid. He then adds, while thinking, “That explains things.” Maka and Soul look at Kid curiously. Feeling their eyes upon him, he tells them the current situation. “While you were in Europe, we have gotten reports of three more Witch sightings. Consulting with the Grand Witch Maba, she is not familiar with these witches. Their appearance seemingly coincides with the appearance of the Red Witch Ruby Rose.”

“Three more rogues?” Soul reacts.

“And you think they could be connected to Ruby?” asked Maka.

“It seems likely. They appeared at the same time she did. And according to reports from our scouts, they have been dubbed—” Kid tells Soul and Maka before being interrupted by Patty.

“The Rainbow Witches!” Patty says excitedly, jumping in front of Kid to his dismay. Patty is the younger sister of the Thompson sisters. She has chin length blonde hair and displays a playful childish nature. Her older sister Liz had shoulder length dirty blonde hair and is more mature. Both sisters wear cowgirl outfits except Liz wears pants where her sister Patty wears bubble shorts. Their asymmetrical appearance in human form is the bane for Kid’s severe asymmetriphobia, or his strong desire for symmetry. That fact that the sisters sport different bust sizes – Patty is shorter and bustier while her taller sister Liz has a smaller bust – plagues him so much that he constantly reminds them of this.

“The Rainbow Witches? We’re not seriously calling them that, are we?” Soul asked with contempt.

“Unfortunately, yes,” Kid replies, stoically shoving Patty aside while she laughs out loud.

Soul groans.

“Where were the witches spotted?” Maka asked, hoping to move the subject to something different.

“We have their locations and already deployed DWMA student/witch teams to deal with them,” answered Spirit. Maka had not heard about the student/witch teams and asked her father about them. Spirit tells her that the pairing of witches with DWMA students would be beneficial in stopping to Rogue Witches. The witches can provide information to their student partners as well as magical support. The idea was brought to Kid’s attention by Kimial Diehl, a DWMA student who is also a tanuki witch. “With that being said, here’s what we have,” says Spirit. He then looks over his shoulder back at Liz Thompson, who has the report.

“The first Witch was spotted in Northern Alaska,” Liz reads. “She is described as having snow white hair and wearing an ice blue outfit. Kim and Jackie have been dispatched to deal with her along with Eruka Frog. We’re dubbing this one the ‘White Witch.’” Maka and Soul listen to Liz as she continues to read the report. “The next witch appeared in Asia near our China Branch. She is described as having dark hair in a black and white outfit and having cat ears.”

“Sounds kinda of like Blair,” Soul commented.

“It’s funny you should mention her,” Spirit interjected. “Because that’s who we sent to deal with the ‘Black Witch’. She asked the Mizune sisters to go with her. They’ll meet up with one of our Chinese operatives when they arrive.”

“And lastly, the last witch appeared here in Nevada, a few miles away from Death City. She is dressed in a brown outfit and has big blonde hair,” said Liz. “Kid was supposed to handle this one until he saw the full report.”

“Was there something wrong with the report?” Maka asked.

“Oh, nothing special except that this ‘Yellow Witch’ is reported to have one mechanical arm and one bandanna tied around her left leg,” Liz tells them.

“And Kid totally freaked out! Kyahaha!” Patty interrupted, laughing loudly.

“I didn’t freak out, you moron!” Kid snapped, which only made Patty laugh even harder. He then quickly collects himself. Getting into a dispute with Patty is useless. “I decided not to take the mission simply because it does not make sense to have one bandanna tied around one leg. She should’ve tied a second bandanna on her right leg,” says Kid with his usual paranoid logic.

“What kind of sense does that make?” Liz commented.

Kid does not respond to her and continues his explanation. “Also, she could have had the other arm removed in favor of a second mechanical arm.”

“Why the hell would she do that?!” Liz snapped.

Spirit shakes his head in pity. In a lot of ways, Kid is like his father Death when it comes to speaking in expositions. For Death, he would speak in expositions to convey information about his intentions or mission details. For Kid, he used this technique to explain the reasoning behind his asymmetriphobia. “Anyway, the other three witches are being dealt with. Bring the Red Witch back to the academy for interrogation,” Spirit tells Maka and Soul.

“You got it,” replies Soul.

“Oh, and Maka,” says Spirit, drawing her attention. After a moment, Spirit smiles lovingly at his daughter. “Daddy loves you,” he says in a cutesy tone. Maka shoots her father a dispassionate look. “Ugh, knock it off. You’re so embarrassing,” she said with contempt. With that and wave of her hand, the mirror’s surface ripples before the image of Spirit, Kid, and the Thompson sisters fade, ending the call.